Thursday, March 08, 2007

Why doesn't she trust me?

My sister had a poodle (RIP Tia). When my parents, who also have a poodle, went out of town they would leave their dog with her. The dogs barely tolerated each other, but the cat liked the new company. Heck, when I go away she takes Ruby too. But now she no longer has a poodle. Parents have TWO poodles now, having just got a puppy about a month ago. They are going away for spring break, and leaving their dogs with sister. She really misses her little Tia and pines for her, and loves the new puppy to death so that is fine. She will enjoy having them there. Only thing is, she made plans to go away for roughly half those days. And she is in a panic about what to do with the dogs. HELLO, am I invisible? I have a nice fenced yard, I am home pretty much all day. Ruby gets along with (well, actually ignores) other dogs, and our cats could care less. If the poodles chase them they will be fine, if they don't they will be fine, these cats roll with the punches. "Well maybe. I'll have to think about it". What. The. Hell. And this is the GOOD sister. What does she think I will do, eat the dogs? The worst that will happen, is DD will cry for a week after they are gone. We get so attached LOL. I told her if she wouldn't agree to let me take them, I was going to call MOM - rofl. Speaking of animals, what is up with Xena? For the first few years of her life, I was the only person who even knew she existed. DH made her nervous and she was scared to death of DD. If DD was awake or DH was around, Xena was nowhere to be found. Once they were gone, I would see her sneaking around here and there. We had a nightly conference at the kitchen table before I went to bed. She is a skittish one, and all black except for a small patch of white on her chest. Because of her skittishness and her liking for clinging and skuttling along edges of furniture, we sometimes call her "Squirrel". When DD got a bit older, she started coming out more and even got used to DH, although if he made any quick movements she was gone like a shot. She is so nosy and sneaky. I would catch her investigating DD's room at night, or checking out DH. In fact, for a while she would sneak up on him while he was sleeping and LICK HIS ELBOWS! Boy, did he feel violated ROFL. Turns out, she was after the lotion he puts on his arms, but still. When a cat that used to hide from you is now climbing under the covers to lick your hidden elbows, it can be a little disconcerting. Since changing their food (and the amount they get) she has been more visible in the household. But we are not sure if that is good or bad LOL. You see, she steals. She gets into things. She sneaks around. If we hear something falling off the table or being knocked off a chair, you can bet it is her. If your pen is missing from your purse, or your glove from your schoolbag? Xena. She will take a pony tail holder FROM YOUR HAIR and run away with it. At night, after DD goes to bed, I sit and knit and watch tv. Ruby is ALWAYS on my lap, or next to me. Jasmine often joins us, and will intimidate Ruby until she moves off my lap, but for all intents and purposes they are as close to me or on me if possible. Xena now, has decided she needs to know what is so great about these evening visits. She will come and sit next to me on the couch, looking at us intently like "Is this fun? Are we liking this?". She doesn't last long before she tries to chew yarn, or batt at my magazine, or skuttle across the back of the couch like a whacko (ears back, tail whipping about). Sometimes she tries to lick Jasmine's head (she does NOT like this LOL) or will sniff Ruby's face (which makes her nervous and causes her to emit a long worried snort - "ooooooog"). A few times, when Jasmine and Ruby were both on the couch but not on my lap, Xena tried it out. She even purred. But again, she didn't last long before her squirrel instincts kicked in and she tried to steal a DPN or gave me a nip, or patted me on the nose with a paw. What is up with that? She does it to get my attention, but really, if you are on my lap and squinting up into my face, and I am LOOKING AT YOU, you have my attention. Now keep that paw - which has tramped happily through the litter box, I might add - to yourself. And stop trying to lick my elbows. And don't fricken BITE me. Sheesh! Just a moment ago, she snuck through here, sniffing things and looking at stuff. It is kind of funny. She stole a pen from the desk, but I got it back from her. How does she even know they are there? I just bought them last night for goodness sake. Once I had an odd feeling, and looked down to catch her stealing a receipt that was sticking part way out of my pocket. HOW RUDE. She also loves loves loves to steal socks. DD's socks in particular. She makes a trilling noise with them in her mouth, and I swear she is carrying them like a mother cat would her kitten. Or, maybe it is closer to a sound of triumph a cat might make after a successful hunt, because she has been known to flip the socks into the air, catch them between her paws and "kill them very badly" - which involves a lot of back claw kicking, biting, and stamping with paws. I would hope mother cats don't do THAT to their babies. And then, the piece de resistance, the ultimate feat, she "punishes" the socks. She will step away, turn her back on them, and sit with tail flipping violently and ears flat back. This is the ultimate in cat torture, to be IGNORED in a hostile manner. Just in case you weren't familiar. "See? I am ignoring you. LOOK AT ME. See how I ignore you? DO NOT LOOK AWAY. I ignore you again." - cats are so much fun! I hope she is being more visible and sociable because she is finally comfortable with DD and DH, and not because she is planning our demise. Time will only tell.


gardengrl (on the cf) said...

Don't cha' just love "the secret lives of animals" when the house is quiet and they don't know you're watching?

My ex husband and I had cats that would go into Ninja Mode at night time...even the skittish one, and drive us NUTS!! Oh you mean running across your face while you're sleeping is annoying?? And stop all the figgin' hissing for crying out loud! Sheesh...:-)

And what is it about paper??? Can't I read a book or newspaper in privacy, without teethmarks, or cat slobber.


Red dirt mummy said...

Too funny! Your story reminds me of a certain cat that used to own us. He knew the theme music to the soap I watched at 7pm and would come running for cuddles. He'd climb on my lap, stretch out and purr contentedly - until he stretched just a bit further and fell off. Every. Single. Night.