Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cookies for breakfast

Want to know what kind of day I am having? It is 9:45 and I am halfway through a box of girl guide cookies. I don't even LIKE these things. I had to wrap them up and put them in the other room, or else I will keep eating them until I am sick. DH wanted to know "If you don't like them, and they give you a stomach ache, why did you eat them?". My answer upset him a little. I said 'how else will I fill the empty void?'. Sheesh. He just has NO clue these days. I will add a ";)", but we all know I am only half joking. He doesn't like when I talk like that. He says he can't tell if I am telling the truth or joking. I say I am doing both. He doesn't get that at all. Last night I ate a very good (meaning well portioned and healthy) dinner of whole wheat rotini tossed with sauteed veggies, and a deconstructed pesto. Meaning I was too lazy to make pesto and just tossed in a handful of pine nuts, garlic, and shredded basil. I am only just learning to like basil, and I have to say it was pretty good in this dish. A whisp of romano cheese on top and I was good to go. Okay okay, there was some butter. Just a teaspoon though. Oh, and I tossed in a handful of grape tomatoes as I was plating. I don't like when they start to cook and the skins get all papery and the insides get mooshy. But I do like when they are just starting to get warm around the outside. You can't cut them though, they release too much liquid for that. DH had spaghetti noodles with an alfredo type sauce we whipped up. DD had reheated leftovers LOL. So three dinners for three people. But frankly, I was too busy to cook a big dinner for all of us and I was still working when those two wanted to be eating. Tonight I don't know what I will make. It has to be quick, though. I work until 5pm before I take a dinner break, and we have parent-teacher interviews at 5:45, then DD has Brownies at 6:30. We are doing our taxes tonight as well. Busy busy busy! I really do wish on nights like this DH and DD could work together and come up with a meal, but no go. If I do manage to cajole them into trying, 45 minutes later they don't even have their ingredients ready. DH has no clue how to organize a meal. For example, making breakfast. He has been known to cook the eggs, then start looking for frozen sausages. Um, the sausages have to defrost and THEN take ten minutes minimum to cook. Ya think maybe you started the eggs too soon? He can't multi- task. Everything is done one by one, which draws out the process. I have been known to count footsteps and hand movements and"optimize" job functions. Not unusual for me to whip out a stop watch and time each step of a process, then try to shave seconds. Love shaving seconds. Watching DH make spaghetti (he will put the pot of water to boil last, after he does everything else. It makes me insane) nearly kills me. He wanders back and forth, puts things down then has to find them again, and does everything separately when some things should he happening at the same time. Spaghetti is a 30 minute meal, if you put the pot of water (hot from the tap please, we don't have all day) on FIRST, then start the sauce. Plus every so often he wanders over and stares into the fridge. What is that about? What is he looking for exactly? Boggles my mind. I might have to make dinner at lunch and have him heat it later. It is so sad, when a meal becomes "leftovers" before it was even a meal. Or, we could just eat cookies!!!! Yeah. I like that option.


Poops said...

Don't tell anyone, but after eating my well-balanced, well-portioned breakfast, I've been picking at the Easter candy.

Alas, I'm out of Girl Scout cookies. ;)

gardengrl said...


I bought my future DH a book titled "A Man, A Can, and A Plan". Sounds dorky or brings up images of Chef Boyardee, but it actually has some decent recipes that are guy friendly. Super easy, and broken down to a few ingredients with detailed instructions (with pictures of each step).

When I don't feel like cooking, I'm exhausted or sick, I pull out "The Book" and step away from the kitchen. I have to detach, or I'll find myself butting in and taking over.

In with the good air, out with the bad! :-)

Anonymous said...

I still have GS cookies in the freezer -- well unless DH has been in there ;)

Sandy said...

It is so sad, when a meal becomes "leftovers" before it was even a meal. Or, we could just eat cookies!!!! Yeah. I like that option.