Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mary Mary, quite Contrary

Okay, not very contrary. But in the comments, Mary requested to see more RUBY. Of course, I would love to indulge that. I set out with camera to snap some cute puggy shots. Do you think Ruby was having any of it? No. She hid under the desk and refused to look towards the camera. I managed to coax her out using a treat, but had to use my hand to get her to look up. I have no idea what her issue is today, but she is sulky to the max.This is the best I could get.

I long to kiss that flat little nose, but alas. She won't let me. I suppose it must smother her or something, but still. She HATES kisses. If we make kissing noises at her, she either runs and sits just out of our reach, or gets belligerant and wants to fight. Is it wrong that we love to rile her? A riled pug is quite hilarious. They huff and they prance, and they do pug attacks and pug runs. There is a lot of snorting and snuffing and snotting. Hilarity abounds, when a pug is rilified.

Let's see if there are any older pictures that bear repeating.

This is my all time favourite picture of her. Not only does she make a cute bunny (who knew a dog that was a piglet could make such a cute bunny), but she was actually liking the costume until she realized we were laughing AT HER. Then she gave me this pout. I nearly wet myself.

If I were the type to send Easter cards, this is the picture I would put on them every year. We still have the hat somewhere, but when we take it out she disappears under the desk. Smart doggie. I mean bunny.

Remember what I said before about living with attention whores? This is perfect proof. Ruby does this when she wants my attention. She sits on the steps at eye level and stares at me through the spindles. Sometimes she squeezes her little face between the pickets too. I guess DH and DD thought she had a good thing going.
So Mary. Is that enough for now?


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dances! You made my day!! A friend of mine dog-sat for a Pug one time, and I fell in love. I always look forward to Ruby pictures...she just cracks me up. I love the bunny pic. Her expression is priceless. Post pics of Ruby anytime you want. Thanks again!


JenTX said...

Bwahahahahahaa! Gotta love those pug expressions! My neighbor's daughter has a fawn pug. OMGosh, that dog is a hoot. Roxy is only 7 months old and a livewire! I swear, when she's through with you, you'd think a school of piranha has swarmed you! She loves to mouth you all over and she's QUICK! LOL

I love the pictures of your DD and DH too. Attention whores is a terrific name and very fitting!

These pictures sure did brighten up my mood. Thanks soooo much!

Julie said...

Well, now that we know what happens when someone requests pics of Miss Ruby, I wonder what would happen if someone requested a video of Miss Dances making kissy noises at Miss Ruby. . . .