Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mashed potatoes for dinner

No, not mashed potatoes WITH dinner. Mashed potatoes FOR dinner. I am having one of those days. I have two work projects running behind because of last minute urgent requests. I have some regular maintenance that has been delayed but needs to be done as soon as it can be, which makes me insane. Dh is on afternoons, so I have him over my shoulder all day doing his version of "look at me, pay attention to me". Between him, the dog, and my daughter, I am surrounded by attention whores. I finally get rid of him, and the dog starts. Now her new thing, is bothering me while I am on the phone. She must have learned this trick from my daughter. She can completely ignore me for an hour, but if the phone rings she is in my face instantly. On two separate work calls today, Ruby walked all over me like a mountain goat, fell on me from the back of the chair, and snuck up behind me and made a huge snort right into the phone. Then she pulled my hair. I have temporarily moved my laptop into the living room (I love wireless) to get away from the TV that DH insists on blaring all day long. I can't tell you the glee I exhibit when he leaves and I press that OFF button. Unfortunately, it makes me vulnerable to pug attacks and cat burglars (you know, Xena steals. I lose on average four pens per day). Add some assorted family drama on both sides, more health woes that are too boring to even discuss, and some overall work stress that I am not ready to write about yet - and you get mashed potatoes for dinner. Now, in my defense, I made them with skim milk and mine were mixed half and half with cooked broccoli and garlic and sauteed onions. And *cough* romano cheese *cough*. That and a tofu dog. Well, part of a tofu dog. They were pretty gross. I know for a fact that there used to be a brand of tofu dogs that were GOOD. They looked like hot dogs and tasted like hot dogs and behaved like hot dogs. I cannot seem to remember what brand that was, because this is the fifth package that is being donated to my grandmother to give to her dog. I offered a piece to Ruby, and apparently piglets don't eat tofu because she snorted then rolled on it. It could have been worse, she could have peed on it I guess. These tofu dogs looked and smelled promising, but they had an odd rubbery/gritty texture and somebody was a little trigger happy with the liquid smoke and fake garlic seasoning. I cooked them according to the suggestion on the back. If you make them according to the suggested or preferred method, and they still suck? That is bad news, my friend. Now I am sorry I didn't save that five bucks and get the nuggety things I like instead. DD was a good sport and gave it the old college try, but she didn't like them either. She had a few slices of black forest ham with her VEGGIE-LESS mashed potatoes. So for what it is worth I have indulged my potato longings. I am not supposed to eat them so try not to, but sometimes you just have to give in. What if I get hit by a bus tomorrow? Do I want my last thought on this earth to be "I wish I had eaten potatoes one last time"? I can't live with that possibility. It is the same reason I keep buying disgusting tofu hot dogs. I am convinced one of my life quests is to find the ones I remember liking. Of course, the day after I do find them they will be discontinued, or I will be hit by that bus. Or they will discover they cause nostril cancer or some horrid thing. That is how it works for me. But for the time being I will plod on, eat potatoes sparingly (and always before a big trip or a flight - you know, in case I.....well in case, that's all), continue my search for tofu dogs that actually taste like food, and keep them out of my nose.


JenTX said...

Tofu dogs is just WRONG! *blech*

Now, veggie mashed potatoes sounds scrumptious! Mmmmmmmm. Sometimes you just gotta have some comfort food. These sound very comforting (but leave off the tofu dog!) *patooey*

Tammy/Mickey15 said...

Dances, reading about the tofu dogs almost made me gag! ick!

Now the mashed potatoes for supper, that I can relate to! Sometimes dh makes a 5lb. bag of mashed potatoes, and that's what we alleat for supper. Did you ever try having A1 steak sauce with your potatoes....mmmmmmm..yum!