Monday, April 23, 2007

Taking a risk

The pedicure socks are done. And I love them. In fact, it is going to be very hard to give them away. Is it wrong to hope they are too big so I'll have to take them back and make a different pair? Of course, I can just go ahead and make myself a pair too, but you know. The whole laziness thing and all that. Is it the colours? The stripes? I don't know what it is, but I love love these sockies. I am taking a risk putting the pic here (we all know what happened the last time I even mentioned certain appendages) but this style is not pictured on the pattern page so I thought somebody out there might be interested in seeing what they look like.

I have tried in the past to knit with cotton, to make items like dishcloths and towels. The few projects I have managed to finish nearly killed me. My most recent foray into cotton was a dish towel set as a thank you gift. It was so horrible to make (though I did finish it) that I haven't been able to part with it yet. I keep it under the ruse that I haven't found the perfect button for the hanging loop yet, but I know the real truth. I could hardly wipe my own arse for a week after knitting that thing, and I have come to terms that cotton yarn and I do not mix.

Then I saw something new. A glimmer of hope! Cotten Ease by Lion Brand. A mix of cotton and acrylic. It LOOKS like cotton, but is supposed to be easier on the hands. I quickly snapped up a ball of a delicious green called "Lime". First I tried using the size 6 needles called for in the pattern I liked. No. Freaking. Way. My hands got so tired after only a few rows that I could hardly hold the needles up. I ripped and chose larger needles. Somebody told me once to try knitting with cotton in EXTRA large needles, to get myself used to how it works. So right up to size 10.5! It did not get any easier, and people, I do NOT knit tightly. My arms felt like they were going to fall off and the work looked like crap to boot. Evil, evil cotton, even at only 50 percent. This is Ruby protecting me from the evil cotton yarn and remnants of the washcloth I tried to make on huge honking needles. Good dog.

On a high note, I was walking through Michaels and browsing through that section where things are priced $1.50 or so - little note pads, small packs of gift cards, magnets, candle tins, that sort of thing. And I saw a little box that looked perfect to store my DPN's. Seeing as the whole ziploc bag thing isn't working out (after a few weeks, the needles wear right throught the plastic), and given the low price I figured I would try it out. It is a pencil box, actually. Japanese in style, I believe. So far, I am kind of smitten with it and wish it came in a size long enough for my regular needles. DD tried to steal it and actually put pencils in it. I had to threaten to poke her a good one with a DPN to get it out of her little sticky hands. This is MINE kiddo.
Last night, DH and I went out for dinner because DD had a party. We were alone for dinner, and a local place had a special on panzerotti so we went there. Usually I get it baked and DH has it fried, but this time for some reason I had such a craving for the fried style so ordered that. I also got talked into a filling that I don't normally get, but it all sounded so delicious. Blech. The dough was nowhere cooked enough for me. And the meat filling I was talked into? Like eating blanched pork products. Pork products must be crispy to be good, not soggy and stringy and boiled. According to my DH, there was nothing WRONG with my panzerotti, and assured me that was what his was always like. I swear that guy could eat garbage with gusto as long as it was hot and ready when he wanted dinner. But why can't I get him to try a green bean? He will eat that awful disgusting slop, but acts like a veggie might kill him. I just don't get it. So, I didn't complain or send it back but DH gets a rather large portion for lunch today. And I have made a mental note, to stick with the baked version and leave the meat out of it.

Oh. And just in case you need this info some day, I will share it (though it be of a gross nature, so be warned). Say a person is not used to eating deep fried dough. Then say that person decides to indulge a whim and eat said deep fried dough. The innards of that person may take objection to the large amount of grease present in even a few bites of that dough, especially if the dough is wrapped around particularly fatty pork products. A person in this situation would be best not to stray too far from home in case the aforementioned innards decide they no longer want to entertain said dough and pork products, and choose to evict them abrubtly. Just saying.


Restless said...

I don't care for Cotton Ease. I don't seem to have as much of a problem with mercerized cottons. I don't mind knitting with Butterfly Super 10, which is 100% cotton, but Cotton Ease makes my hands and wrists hurt, and makes my hands feel really dry.

Anonymous said...

I don't like to work with cotton either Dancey and for the same reasons. Walmart used to carry a smaller weight cotton than the dishcloth stuff (what's the name of it?) and it made up wonderful dishclothes but now, *sigh* I can't find it. Sugar and Spice?

I think it was me who told you to use bigger needles until you get the hang of knitting...of knitting I said. NOT to get used to using cotton!!!!

I went through a crochet period and made something like eight afghans in two years. Then I put my hooks and yarn away. I guess I got burned out?

I like your peddie socks and would probably keep them to...LOL

Lori the anonymous

JenTX said...

I'm not a knitter so can't comment on the terror of cotton yarn but I LOVE the pic of Ruby guarding you from the lime green horror! LOL

However, I DO know that in order to be qualified to wear pedicure socks, you should have those toesies painted either a color or a french pedicure! Sheesh...... (lol) (You have lovely shaped toes btw) (said IANLW) :-)

Those PediSox are really cute though. I bet you keep them!

LAB said...

I need to get back into knitting...I'm sure that I could never do anything as cute as what you have here...but I can admire...

Thanks for sharing the pics

Anonymous said...

Yeah! A Ruby picture!! I think I'm becoming addicted to your dog. I think she is soooo cute. She looks like she has a great personality.


Poops said...

I have similar issues with cotton, but I just did some sweaters with KP's shine sport and it hasn't bothered me at all. I don't know if it's a more relaxed cotton, or if I've learned to hold my needles looser or what, but it's been no problem.

Too bad, because I love that evil lime green! So cute!