Saturday, May 19, 2007

About the comments

For those that wonder....yes I do read the comments LOL. The problem is there is no good way to respond directly to a comment. If I do it right after on the same entry, you may not come back and see it. If it is a current post I do respond right in the comments but for older blog entries I don't know if that is the way to go. But rest assured, I DO read every single comment. So. You know who you are. Dish the rest of that story ROFL!


Julie said...

weeeeelll, I am not THAT person with THAT story, but I did leave ya hangin' once with talk of a sick and twisted moment on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip that I found uproariously funny--the thing about the baby alive doll.... if you remember that and want to see it, you can see the commercial for the episode at YouTube by searching for "Studio 60 Preview 4 a.m. Miracle" or here's a link that might work:

The commercial is kinda blurry and leaves out the insanity with the guillotine (yes, seriously!), so if you have iTunes, I've just discovered that episodes of Studio 60 are available for $1.99. It's also possible you might be able to find the ad or the episode at aol's tv website....

Enjoy :-)

Anonymous said...

I made two comments on your Spring is in the air. I wondered if you read them. I even emailed you I was candle------ I haven't heard from you so I didn't know if you got that or not either.
Hey I got the guest services job and it fits like a glove. Mature and computer experience. I am wanted. AHHH!

Wanda said...

Um...okay. LOL!
My friend L.'s son and DIL live just across the street and half a block down from L. and her husband. L. is a somewhat 'mean' mother-in-law but not a bit sneaky or underhanded. She tells them upfront when she takes exception to things. She does do a lot for her son and his family - babysits, lends them money, has the kids spend the night sometimes, and takes the boys to school almost every morning. On Mother's Day Ben and Elizabeth said they were going to make a quick appearance at her mother's home, then return to L.'s for the Mother's Day cookout. Elizabeth is not very close with her own mother, and her mother really dislikes Ben. When it had been only a little over an hour and Ben and Elizabeth hadn't come to L.'s, she called them and told them that she guessed her mother was going to be keeping the kids and getting the boys to school and doing all that for them from now on, because she (L.) was through with it!
When I asked if Eliz. had brothers or sisters, and L. said yes, she did, I said that she was probably enjoying visiting with them. L. had never even thought of that. But anyway, Eliz. and Ben left her mother's and came straight to L.'s.
With her other DIL, Gloria, L. related how a few months ago, at a family bbq she had a quick but effective confrontation over who's seat a certain chair was. They have family backyard bbqs a lot at L.'s house. This is what they kind of do on weekends or holidays. L. had gone inside, and when she came back out, Gloria was sitting in her chair. She told her to get up that she wanted to sit there, and Gloria just laughed and said she had it now. So L. grabbed the chair and jerked it out and over, sending Gloria to the ground. She said Gloria was upset and started crying that she was hurt. However, L. sat in the chair and things proceeded as usual.
These are just the two things I have heard her tell about most recently. There are a lot more, but none that come to mind at the moment.
Anyway, as I said, after hearing about your MIL, and hearing our other lunch companion and myself comment on it all, L. is trying to..or thinking about...reforming. LOL!

Sanjay said...

I want to my first comments gived them I am not that person with that story but I did leave ya hanging.