Friday, May 04, 2007

Busy busy busy

Very busy today, and not feeling too hot. Breaking in some new meds all at the same time, because I am adventerous that way. And to state for the record, the new whole grain Life Cereal is pretty good, in case you were wondering. Slightly less sweet than the regular, and has a slightly different taste and a pleasing texture. But don't be fooled, if you don't like regular Life cereal because it gets soft fast (and I think it has the record for the fastest crunch-to-mush ratio in cereal history) then this won't thrill you either. I do feel the texture holds up a bit better, but it still gets soggy quickly. So eat it standing up at the counter like I do - don't even THINK about taking the time to put the milk back in the fridge - or eat it dry and take a sip of milk with every mouthful. Not that I have ever done anything even remotely like that. *Cough*. I also want to state for the record that if you decide to go cheap and buy a store brand of veggie burgers, you are taking your chances and have no right to be horrified when they turn out to be gross. I should say SOYburgers. Most veggie burgers made from veggies and grains and legumes seem okay (if hard to cook), but soy based meaty types? Not so much. Dh and DD ate some lovely hand packed burgers, and I took one bite of my store brand soy burger, pulled it out, and ate the condiments on their own while that disgusting patty sat in the garbage and thought about what it did wrong. I did offer a crumb to Ruby. She rolled on it. This dog eats bugs, litter box crunchies (when she can get them, which is not often), and sock lint to give you a reference. The texture was too chewy and yet soft at the same time. The fake grill flavour overwhelmed the REAL grill flavour from being bbq'd. Once again, the fake garlic taste was so strong it made me gag. What is it with vegetarian options so loaded with that awful pseudo-garlic? I asked around a bit, and was laughed at. LAUGHED at! - when I asked what brands of these items people are using. "Oh no, we don't get that stuff here. You have to shop in the states for that". Oh. I guess that would explain why I can't find good veggie dogs and burgers and things here, except for that one brand of nuggets. And wouldn't you know it, I haven't been able to get the plain nuggets since posting about them. They have only had the spicy buffalo wing style since then, which I tried, and they are too hot even for me let alone DH and DD. What did you all do, run out and buy out all the stock after I posted about them? Sheesh. Offhand (mostly so you can be as shocked as I was) did you know that many brands of frozen burgers - not the veggie variety now, but rather your basic beef burger - are over 400 calories PER patty? We won't talk about the sodium right now. Most people I know eat two burgers at a bbq or picnic. That is 800 calories and we haven't even figured in the two buns, side dishes like potato salad, and that fizzy sugar in a can people swill like water. Even by modest estimates, that makes that dinner top the DAILY caloric value for most adults. Almost double the fat grams allowed before you add toppings like mayo and cheese, and don't even mention the mayo based and oil dressed salads. I am not exactly on a soapbox here, but do you know how often we eat that way in the summer? Crickey.

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