Friday, May 18, 2007

Frosty the snow woman

We had a frost warning last night. And I'd believe it, when I went to bed I was FREEZING. I went and put on flannel pajamas and socks, and put another blanket on DD. She has so many blankets, it's like the princess and the pea but in reverse LOL. On any given day (even steamy days in the late spring/early summer before we put on the air conditioning) she has a top sheet, fleece blanket, and a comforter. Plus she HAS to wear a nightgown or pajamas with long sleeves. She can't sleep with her arms uncovered. I would swelter and die, I tell you. She must have been warm enough because she didn't get up and wake me, which she would do if she was cold. Ruby spent the night UNDER the blankets, right against my side. Parts of the night I was breathing in pug breath, other parts she was "tail up" and I was breathing in something OTHER than pug breath. Ew. Her new food gives her gas like you would not believe. It even bothers her, which is just so wrong. The worst part is, she looks at me like I did it rofl. Usually at some point in the night Jasmine the older cat creeps up in between DH and I and snuggles with me. Last night when she tried to do that, she plopped herself down right on top of the dog. Ruby was NOT impressed with that at all. She gets so offended when the cat sits on her. If Jasmine wants in my lap and Ruby is already there, she just climbs aboard. Makes Ruby move every single time. She will lie beside me and cast sad glances at the cat, and heave depressed sighs LOL. What a silly thing. Every morning, DD sits in my lap and I brush her hair. And the whole time, Ruby sits on the floor, all droopy and sad, and watches. That is HER lap. When she was younger she would get very jealous and even try to snap at DD or pinch her, but now she doesn't do that. She just sits all slumped and pouts. The minute DD gets up, Ruby is up on my lap in a flash. It's a good opportunity to smooch her, because while she normally objects to it, she is so desperate by this point she puts up with more. She likes DD, but she wants her to sit NEXT to me so she can have this lap to herself. It amazes me how people and animals have a second language, one that most people miss but I can usually read like a book after a while. I can tell how Ruby is feeling by casting a quick glance at her. If she is stock still with one paw up, she is curious but concerned about something. The tighter her tail is curled, the more fun she is having. If her tail is an "ess", look out! She is in a mischievous mood and is looking to get into something or get you good. If she is lying flat with her chin on the floor, she is depressed or dejected about something. Check the cats, one of them might be touching a toy of hers, or maybe somebody took something away from her. If she is lying on her side with her ears flapped open (it looks so funny!), she is dead asleep and you can do anything to her. If her ears are closed she is just snoozing and the minute you move, she has her eye on you. Xena will try to sneak up on me to steal something, but she is so EXTRA sneaky that she actually draws attention to herself LOL. She does this zig zag, cloak and dagger, prairie dog thing as she makes her way across the room, it is hysterical. She is easy to startle as well. One single move and she is off like a blur. Jasmine? The better the mood the noisier she is. In the sense that if we hear "clump! clump! clump!" and she comes down the stairs, it is a social visit and she is feeling friendly. If it is a quick trot, she is annoyed and not looking for attention, but rather to get away from the crazy squirrel cat or complain that her food dish is empty or the litter box needs cleaning. I can tell by their various meows exactly what they are asking for or doing. A trill means an exciting find (usually a pony tail holder or a sock). A trill with chatters means a BUG - something big and wiggly and exciting. A yowl means I am hungry and a "beep" means "Hello, I would like some petting please". When DD starts to get destructive (ripping paper or pulling all her toys into another room, or taking the cushions off the couch, moving the coffee table, etc.) it means she is tired. When she is whiny she is hungry. When she says she is hungry, she is bored. When she is rude, she is upset and doesn't know how to say it and takes it out on us. Almost always a rude episode is followed by tears, and an outpouring of something that happened at school that upset her. When she is happy, she is chirpy and talks or sings constantly. She dances and skips around and cannot sit still. If she sits still and is very quiet, she is sick. DH? DH is harder to read. He constantly taps his fingers and feet (ugh, drummers). If it is fast and rhythmic and you can almost hear a tune in it, he is in a good mood. If it is hard and choppy and seemingly random, he is bored. If it is a single "tap tap tap" he is getting agitated. When the tapping stops, he is mad. He is the cicada of the human world. Being good at reading people is actually part of my anxiety problem. If I sense that the body language does not match the words or actions, it causes me anxiety. And since most people have a hidden agenda or say and do things contrary to what is expected, I spend a lot of time being anxious. MIL's body language is always directly opposite to what she is saying or doing. In other words, she is always lying either with actions or words. DH as well. There are often inconsistencies between what he is expressing non-verbally and the words coming out of his mouth. He SAYS DD and I come first, but by his actions he shows without a doubt that we come maybe tenth, after food and his movies and his work and his personal grooming time. We are working on this. I am not aiming to move DD and I up in the ranking, but rather getting him to tell us the TRUTH about things. I have to go, Cedric is kissing the top of the water and diving quickly. That means he is hungry ;).


gardengrl said...

Just curious Dances, what order of importance does your husband come in with you? Not being snarky, just an observation.

I ask this because it seems, by your list, that you know and observe the most about the people/animals in your household in this order: your dog, the cats, your daugher, your husband, and the fish.

Shouldn't it be the other way around (minus the fish coming

DancesInGarden said...

I tend to put the most helpless or most needy things at the time first. So DD and the pets cycle in and out of the top two depending on what time it is and what is wrong. If there is a tie, DD of course would take first place! DH is third. As far as I am concerned, he should be the less needy and helpless of the bunch. I am talking about basic needs here.

If DD and the animals are hungry, DD gets fed first then the animals. If DH is hungry as well, well....he has to wait or get it himself. The animals can't feed themselves and DD shouldn't have to (she would live on raw hot dogs and fruit snacks).

If it were the other way around, DH would shower, do his workout, make a coffee, watch some tv, call his mother, eat cereal, then start thinking about making DD something to eat. He might remember to feed the animals. He has never onced asked me if I was hungry or offered to make something for me. I suppose because he knows I know how LOL.