Monday, May 07, 2007

I don't care if it is spring...

It may be spring out there, but I am fricken freezing. Since starting the new medication for my blood sugar (it has only been a few days) I have been unable to keep warm. I suppose it could be a coincidence, but I mean come on. I have been wearing SOCKS. And a SWEATER. I had to go and put a bra on for added warmth. For Pete's sake, there are corpses warmer than I am right now. I have DD's fleece princess blanket draped over me. Ruby is laying on one of the corners on the ground, and the cat is sneaking up towards the other. I am going to be pinned in place like a blimp tied down on a windy day.

Every time I move I get a disgruntled snort from below, as Ruby then has to arrange the blanket corner and get comfortable again. Then she plops down with a huff. Well excu-u-u-u-se me!

Remember those veggie patch nuggets? Well I tried the buffallo spiced "chicken wings" from the same brand. I made wrap sandwiches by heating them, cutting them in half longways, then rolling them in flour tortillas with lettuce, ranch dressing, and shredded lite cheddar cheese. Very very good! Better than anything I have ever gotten in a fast food restaurant, and much healthier. I used whole wheat tortillas for mine, and white for DH's. He did comment on the spiciness, but he asked for seconds and that tells me he liked them. I am having the same lunch today to finish the leftovers. Dd thought they were too spicy, but she did say the nuggets themselves tasted good - only too hot.

This week-end I didn't do much of anything. DH did yard work. Every once in a while he would come in and hint about housework that needed doing, but I basically sat wrapped in a fleece blanket, and knitted. Flip flop socks for myself. I started with a pattern but was not pleased at all with the result, so started again with my own adjustments to the pattern. The original (on the right) called for a shorter foot, no ribbing around the toes, and decreases by the pinky toe. My version (on the left) started with 1/2 inch of ribbing on smaller needles, increased the length of the foot by at least an inch, and did ribbing on smaller needles around the toes. I didn't bother with the decreases because I have pretty wide feet at the ball and my pinky toe is rather short. The ribbing draws it in enough for me I think. Even with the longer foot, it still slips forward. I think I will add a band of elastic to slip over my heel and keep them in place. A knitted strap would too easily stretch out of shape, I think. Or maybe an i-cord tube with elastic in the middle, kind of like a hair scrunchie? We'll see.

I am going to make a pair of peek-a-boo socks for myself as well, but I want to add a ribbed cuff to keep them from slipping down. I like short socks because they don't bother my ankles, but I have the worst time with them slipping down into my shoes. which drives me insane. Between the bra straps that slide down, underwear that rolls down, and socks slipping into my shoes I spend an awful lot of time tugging at myself and re-arranging things. I used to dislike the look of hand made socks because of the obviousness of the heel flap. But I have since realized a true bonus of that flap, and that is NO TWISTING. Hand knit socks are less likely to twist around on my foot than commercial socks. And if there is anything I hate worse than socks slipping into my shoes, is socks slipping around on my foot so the heel bump is on the top. I have no tolerance for sock insolence. More than once, in a public place, I have taken off my shoes in a fit of pique, removed my socks, and threw them with great force into a garbage can - mostly to the shock and surprise of on-lookers. I have thrown socks out the side sliding door of the house and startled a neighbour. I have emitted a klingon death cry, ripped off my socks and flung them across the room. When a sock needs to be punished you have to be swift, for they have no memory. If they did, they would know what side the heel bump is supposed to stay on.

The pattern for the toe-less socks also includes variations for geisha socks and regular sockettes with the toes, so I might venture into those as well. My niece would KILL for geisha socks, but I want to try the pattern first. her feet are longer and narrower than mine, and she has long toes. I want to work it up and see how well the individual toes fit on me so I would know what to change for her. Either that or I just want an excuse to make more funky socks for myself to mistreat and fling across the room.

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Sweetie pie -- you lose 90 percent of body heat via your scalp -- get yourself a woolie hat & wear it!! you'll be amazed! or just pull the blankie up & cover your head! either way... works!!