Thursday, May 17, 2007

I just may be a nerd

I know it is a big secret, and that you all think I am the coolest of the cool. The slickest of the slick. Too cool for school. But really? Deep down? (Well, not really that deep ROFL) I am the nerdiest of the nerds. The geekiest of the geeks. I still say the word "neat" as in "That is so neat!". I get excited or happy over the dorkiest if things. Last night before going to bed, I stood at my bedroom window and watched in awe as the fattest, rolly-est poliest of skunks poked around. First he was across the street, then he came over and investigated our yard (on the other side of the fence, anyway). I watched until he/she waddled around the front and disappeared from my view. Now, other people may well be horrified at the sight. But me? No. I think it was the cutest thing I have ever seen. I am wondering if maybe it is a female and looks so round because it is about to have a litter. What are baby skunks called, anyway? I have read in our local paper that they are becoming a real problem in the city. Gnawing through garbage cans, digging under things, and so on. This one comes from in between the two houses across the street. One of the houses is vacant and I believe it is living in that back yard, probably in or under the shed. I walks a little funny, we think maybe it has a hurt foot. Although it looks very healthy and as I said, fatter than a little turkey. It might be an old injury. I will keep watch for it for signs that it may be getting ill. If it looks actually hurt I will have it trapped and treated. Such a nerd.

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Anonymous said...

1.) Baby skunks are called "kits."
2.) Nerds rule!
3.) Be sure to keep an ample supply
of hydrogen peroxide, baking
soda, and Dawn dish soap on
hand. When Ruby gets sprayed,

1 cup water
1/2 cup baking soda
1 tsp liquid dishwasher soap

Shampoo this in, rinse, repeat.
It really does work.

Good luck with the skunks. I'd have been fascinated too!