Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Quick and Dirty

We had a storm blow through yesterday. We had forewarning, but for a few minutes there it was kind of shaky. It was blowing up and over the house, and all I could see was flying debris. Garbage bags, plastic chairs, shingles. I know it was wrong but I was relieved to see the shingles were brown, and not grey, and thus not ours. A few welcome mats even went sailing by. That was some pretty strong wind. Now our patio is covered in crap - mostly leaves but a lot of roof gravel and sticks and things from the trees. Maybe I'll haul out the power washer over the holiday weekened and take care of that. It was over and done with pretty fast, although it did rain again a few times later in the night. But nothing like that first hit. There was one crack of lightning in the evening that almost blinded me, and we felt the thunder right through the cement foundation of the house! For a minute I thought the house had been hit. It even startled Ruby, and she usually doesn't even notice storms, except she tries to sneak back in instead of going pee when the grass is wet. She will go out in the rain if I make her. Once she is on the grass, sometimes it is hard to get her back in. Things must smell different when they are wet. When she does return, we have a towel waiting. Now that there is a fun time - drying a pug off with a towel. For some reason in little pug brains that means CRAZY TIME! It's like trying to dry off a tazmanian devil that snorts. So I guess DH was right about the hanging baskets getting their water. Poor things probably almost drowned. They were thirsty and begging for water. Guess they'll never do that again ;) I am surprised they stayed on their hooks, that wind was very very strong. For all I know they flew around in circles like helicopters though. Or hoola hoops.

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