Monday, May 28, 2007

She survived!

Well, DD did her first overnight camping trip without me. She even slept in a tent. And it rained. And she LOVED it LOL! They made their own breakfast (oatmeal) and lunch (lasagne in a solar oven - she said the noodles were still crunchy because their wasn't enough sauce but they were hungry so they ate it anyway LOLOL). They helped put up the tents and take them down. I am so proud of her. The weather is really warming up, which of course here means mosquitoes. Usually she gets a bite or two, but nothing serious. She is like me, the mozzies don't seem interested as long as we don't stand outside sweating at dusk. DH, however, is a mosquito gourmet meal. He gets absolutely attacked. Even more if he has had beer. And he welts up like he's been shot with paint balls. This year is different, however. I think because of the odd weather (warm early, then cold, then warm, then cold etc.) the mosquitoes are desperate. She has five bites, and they ALL welted up and are extremely itchy. She got two Friday, and three more while camping. "After Bite" only works for a few minutes. Dabbing on calomine lotion works longer, but she was upset to have to go to school with polka dots LOL. Last night we gave her some kids benedryl to help the itching as well. Today they look MUCH better. In years past I have been loathe to dip my child in poison to keep the bugs away when she rarely got bit. I might have to change my mind this year if they continue to use her as a snack. I have heard they have already found West Nile, six weeks earlier than normal. Don't want to take chances with that. I'll see how it goes as the summer progresses. She was late for school this morning. I had to send her in with a "Mommy is a dork" letter because I forgot to set my alarm last night and we slept in. What a twit! I don't know what I was thinking when I went to bed. It is entirely possible that I set it then unset it by "setting" it again. That sounds more like me *snort*. Ten minutes late. But her hair was brushed and braided and she had her homework and agenda and clean clothes and everything she needs. Do I get points for that? Tee hee! I finished that pair of socks, just have to attach the strap that goes between the toes. The next pair I make, I will go a bit longer at the ankle, 2x2 rib instead of 1x1, and want to try the toe from a different pattern. Sort of combining the footie pattern with the sock pattern. I think the heel will keep the footie part in place better, and I really like the individual big toe "sleeve" from the footie pattern. I think it will provide more protection for my tender little toesies when I wear the flip flops I specifically bought to wear with socks and footies like these LOL. Funny, I can't really feel my feet but any pressure between or on my toes is excruciating. Ruby constantly steps on my toes with her little feet and it about kills me. She squishes like ONE toe and twists. AARGH. Poor thing has a goopy ear again. I cleaned it all up last night and gave her something to help with the itching. If it isn't better today I'll bring her in and have it looked at. One minute she was fine, then she jumped down and started rubbing her ear on the floor. When she jumped back up - ewwwww! She was STINKY. I don't know where that stinky goop came from, but blech. We call it "cheesy ears" LOL. Gross I know. Finally got to see Marie Antoinette this week-end. And I loved it. I have always liked Kirsten Dunst and I think she did a wonderful job. I enjoyed the modern twist on the language and music. And the clothes did not disappoint! And a pug or two surely did not hurt ;).

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