Monday, May 14, 2007

So it was Mother's day.

We survived the week-end, and sometimes, that is about as much as we can hope for LOL. We spent Saturday with MIL because we had plans with my family on Sunday. Which of course left MIL upset because she would be alone on Mother's day. But we went plant shopping and got hanging baskets. She picked out three smaller ones, I chose two BIG ones. With mixed plants. In the hopes that ONE plant might survive the wasteland that is our yard - we know what happens to living things that need care out there. If you can't fend for yourself, stay out of MY yard. Our plan was that we would buy the baskets for MIL as her present, and the two would be for me from DD. Only, she wanted to buy the baskets for me. First she made a big deal that I chose TWO and not one. Then she mentioned over and over that I had to pick the BIGGER more EXPENSIVE baskets. Now, normally this would upset me and I would be all tense and anxious and pick my fingers. But this time? No finger picking this time. I smiled widely and said "Of course I picked two big expensive baskets. I am worth two big expensive baskets". Then I looked over her three little cheap baskets and went "hmmmmm". See, this is the kind of thing she normally does to ME. She didn't like that one little bit, so I told her she took it the wrong way and that she is too sensitive. Boy, she didn't like getting her own medicine back at ALL. Sunday DH and DD made me breakfast in bed. They have been whispering about it for days. DD planned the menu (scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, and toast). Then she shared the tray with me and we ate breakfast together. Afterwards we all got dressed and went - are you ready for this? Grocery shopping. That is right. Even on Mother's day, I cannot escape grocery shopping. Oh, I tried. I wrote a list and tried to convince them to go without me, but to no avail. So I made DH load the car himself and bring them all in himself and put them away himself. I had to get something out of the deal, didn't I? As for MIL, don't think that we escaped unharmed. As always, she invented an emergency to get us at her house, and SURPRISE! Only kidding, nothing is wrong, baked you a pie. Actually she said she baked ME a pie. Yep. Lemon Meringue. It is only a coincidence that I don't eat pie and lemon meringue happens to be her son's favourite kind. But I am just a bitter shrew. I don't care what anybody says. I think it is absolutely wrong that she pretends something is wrong and worries DH so he will rush over there, only to say "SURPRISE!" and laugh. It is not funny. He was scared and worried. The night his father died, he almost did not go because his mother had pulled that trick twice in the two days before. Talk about crying wolf! Not to mention DD was in tears the whole way over thinking something is wrong. We had been almost out the door on our way to a family BBQ for my side when she called. Then afterwards, twice during the event she called DH away. Once when her sink overflowed and again when the dog was "acting funny". Deliver me. The BBQ itself went fine. The food was good, best steaks so far this season - which admittedly just started LOL. Out of five pounds of mushrooms, I brought back five. That's five mushrooms. And about six asparagus spears out of two bunches, which amazed me because we have die hard asparagus fans but they are outnumbered by those that do not like it. We had an asparagus patch growing up, plus we were those whackos you see patrolling the ditches and picking wild asparagus in the country. Which isn't really wild, because it was planted by homesteaders and farmers at some point but are not basically abandoned. Or something LOL. We got home early enough to watch the Survivor finale, and all I have to say about it is "meh". The whole season was "meh". After Jeff Probst himself promised this is the best survivor yet, I kept waiting for the good stuff and was awfully disappointed. Disappointed in the show, disappointed in the game, disappointed in humanity when a certain person "went back on his word". Which he claims he did NOT do because he never meant to hold up his end of the bargain. He didn't change his mind, he never planned on doing it. Doesn't that essentially mean that he STOLE the truck, and bilked Yau out of the rest of his reward experience? He didn't get to visit the school, he didn't get the share the meal or talk to the kids. He stole an entire life experience that can never be gotten back. Changing one's mind when faced with a million dollars is one thing, knowingly taking something without planning on reimbursement is fraud. Having said that, of the three finalists I couldn't care less who got the money. When Yau got voted off, I could have turned the tv off at that point and blissfully went on with my life not knowing who won. I was ambivalent about Earl, and truthfully did not believe Cassandra deserved to win. Choke holds and tripping?!?! I don't know what the speach about the water shoes was about, but I know there has to be a reason others were more hostile to her than Dreamz even after what he did. Because you all know, you NEEDED to know my opinion ;).


Wanda said...

Holy cow! All I can do is shake my head and be grateful I don't have to put up with what you (and your DH and DD) do. I hope you don't get an ulcer. You deserve BIG hugs, Dances!

As for, too. I was fairly glad Earl won, out of the 3. As to what was said at the 'grilling' about Cassandra, that was just Lissi's mean-spirited idiocy, I think. I mean, I don't think C. deserved to win as much as Earl, because she didn't do as much....sort of floated, I guess. But I did like her okay. I couldn't get over how much vile spew the 'suddenly self-righteous' (Lissi, Alex, etc.) ones were venting. HA! Give me a break! As for Dreamz...he is just full of it. The greed got to him. I don't believe for a minute that he never intended to keep his word. That was just 'big talk' to save face. I think what Boo said at the final council was true. And let's face it - Dreamz is NOT smart. Couldn't he see that in doing what he did, he sealed it as to not winning?! Sure, he had little chance otherwise, I guess, but cheating Yao gave him NO chance, as any fool could have realized. He 'lost' the money (as if he ever had it) and for sure lost respect.

Wanda said...

Back, again! ;) You may be surprised to hear that your blog entry was the subject of lunchtime conversation at The Chisholm Trail Cafe earlier this week. Three of us (women: 2 in our 50's and one maybe 40) went out to eat and I was telling them about your MIL and her the 'you will not believe this!' mode. BUT, one lady got really quiet and couldn't really see what was wrong. She related some of her ways with her two DILs. Holy cow! Then today we had lunch, and L. said she had been thinking about our previous conversation and is really feeling bad with how she treats her two DILs and is thinking about mending her ways...a little. LOL! I'd relate more, but I'm not sure you read comments - especially this many days later.

Anonymous said...

I hope you read the late comments, Dances. I want to hear the rest of Wanda's story, although I could just call her. (She's my sister.)
I really enjoy your blog.


Sanjay said...

She mother is very pretty so it was mother's day all the best.