Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We'll all eat the strawberries, and we'll all get a rash

Why is it that I can remember obscure lines from movies I saw as a child, yet my own phone number escapes me? Sad. I was glad to discover a trend, in that strawberries are starting to taste like strawberries again! They are still the same mutant giant, white on the inside, a little too crunchy and presented in a plastic clamshell pack variety, but they actually TASTE strawberry and are sweet. I have started a new experiment. I have decided to bow down to my grazer ways and eat what I FEEL like eating. That is right! I am leaving my diet up to the whims of my own imagination. A little scary at first, I mean after all, isn't that leaving me open to endless meals of fries and gravy and deep fried spring rolls? Lipitor can only do so much. But all in all, I am pleased with myself. It turns out I do like vegetables and am way more comfortable eating more, smaller meals with a large proportion of cooked or raw veggies making up most of the plate. Last night for dinner I had asparagus, mushrooms, and some rice. DD insisted that was NOT a good dinner, but that was what I wanted. And it hit the spot. She had mushroom soup and a tortilla pizza and was thrilled with it. Which in turn was good for me because it took all of three minutes to make. In knitting news, I have finished a sock. It is a beautiful sock, colourful but in a subtle way. I thought it was random but realized from a distance there IS a pattern there. Interesting. And of course, it doesn't fit ROFL. The yarn has a bit of elastic in it and I think I must pull it while I am knitting, making it smaller than I expect. Gauge karma, because we all know I did not swatch. I had used the same pattern for another pair that fit perfect, but it was with different yarn. So now I have to finish the other sock knowing that they won't fit and I will have to give them away. Poop. On the upside, they would make a dandy birthday present for somebody. If I can keep them away from DD long enough that is. I would show you a picture, except for somebody has snitched the memory card from my camera. I know who it was, because I gave it to them and forgot to get it back. I am a yutz. The other day I was at the grocery store and saw the most beautiful sleeve tattoo. The colours were so nice, maybe because they were unexpected. A lot of turquoise and soft blues and pinks. It was on a guy, but did not look out of place at all. I have to admit I am intrigued by the whole tattoo idea. But my indecisiveness and aversion to pain preclude me from ever becoming a human canvas. Now, if they could do a transfer and let me live with it for a year, then knock me out completely to do the work? We might be talking. I doubt that is going to work though. I mean, I might be able to go two days between showers, but that is stretching the limits. How can I keep from washing off a transfer for a year? I can't even remember to water a plant two months in a row. Speaking of, the hanging baskets are already looking decidedly droopy. I reminded DH that he promised to keep them watered. His response? It is supposed to rain today. If he is counting on the weather keeping those things alive, I think a lot of money was wasted. I have said it before, you want to survive in this house? You gotta take care of yourself.

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