Thursday, May 03, 2007


Another day, another laser hair removal treatment. Last time it was decidedly pinchy. This time? Positively OUCHIE. The technician told me it gets worse and worse because they dial up the strength for each visit. That means next time? Well, next time I might use words I don't usually part with in public ;). I am seeing a difference though. There are patchy spots now, and the regrowth is really slow compared to how it used to be. The hairs themselves are lighter and finer, too. So I am sticking with it as long as I can stand it. In other vanity news, I am considering teeth whitening. In light of recent occupational events however, I may have to settle for an off the shelf product rather than a professional treatment. I am not convinced that doing it that way wouldn't be a false economy though. I mean, has anybody had really really good results with home whitening? Is it even worth my time at all? I have been thinking about it for a long an "if I win the lottery" kind of way. But what better time than looking for a job to enhance my self image? Make my "package" a little easier to sell. Sure, it's wrong to think that having whiter, brighter teeth would give me a better chance in the job market. But every last thing helps. Right now I am competing with 25 year old guys and young, skinny things with blonde hair. I need all the help I can get, and lipo hasn't dropped into my price range yet. Speaking of fat. I also had my doctors appointment today. Things are not good, and I knew that because I have been feeling like crappola of late. My A1C results (which show control of your sugars for the past 3 months, roughly) are not the greatest. Not horrifying, but bad enough that they called twice to make sure I didn't miss this appointment. I have NEVER missed an appointment, so it's not like I am a regular flight risk. Dh and I were starting to get scared - this must be SERIOUS. So, more new medications to get used to. And that crappola feeling? APPARENTLY, it means that my blood pressure meds are working because I am taking them to make it lower than "normal", and low blood pressure makes a person feel crappy. How nice of my doctor to think of me, and make me feel crappy for a reason. This was the third time I have tried to get a prescription filled, at a different pharmacy even, and been told I have to come back tomorrow because they don't have what I need. WHAT?!?!?! And I am not talking some obscure thing either, I am talking regular meds that a lot of people take. Then again, maybe that is the problem. Higher demand depletes their stock? I don't know. But I find it annoying. I decided not to deal with that pharmacy anyway because of an incident (which happened while I waited an hour to be told they couldn't fill my prescription, and let me tell you I was pretty ticked off about waiting for that). There was a young child who threw a tantrum. For almost that complete hour, she screamed and cried and threw herself on the floor and pulled at her father demanding a stuffed toy. He did what we are all told to do. Ignore the tantrum, do not yell, do not give attention, and do NOT give in. Kudos to him, but we all had to listen to it. Now, my daughter is young enough that I know exactly how that guy felt. I have been in those shoes. I know what it is like to be someplace and have DD stage the biggest meltdown ever. You can be the best parent ever born, but in that moment the entire store is looking at you with "Bad Parent" eyes. Alcoholics that abandoned their kids at birth, drug dealers that light their toddlers up for fun, and pediphiles look at you like you are scum, because your child is screaming and behaving badly. You are being JUDGED, man. Did I like listening to that? No. Did I wish he would just leave? Yes. But he was getting a prescription for one of the other kids with him, and that child needed the medicine. I saw them get off the bus together, so it's not like he could just jump into his car and come back later. While this was going on, there was a pharmaceutical rep talking to one of the pharmacists. And this salesman was getting more and more agitated as the screaming went on. He made many sarcastic comments, glared, and huffed a lot. Then he made this comment: "If it were my kid I would have given her a shot in the head by now". And yes folks, I lost it. I stood up and said very loudly "Excuse me. Would you mind telling me which company you represent? Because I want to make sure I never, ever, use one of your products again. If this was MY pharmacy, and a vendor treated one of my clients that way, our relationship would be OVER.". He stammered, made an apology, packed up his stuff and beat it out of there. He wouldn't tell me what company he was from. Seconds later my name was called. I was planning on telling them to KEEP that prescription, but I didn't have to bother because they didn't have it anyway. They were going to send it later, I said no thank you. I will bring my business elsewhere. I don't want to frequent a store that allows it's vendors to treat the customers so rudely. A handful of people left with me. The rest stayed but avoided eye contact and looked uncomforatable. The way I figure it, my work was done there ROFLMAO. In lighter news, last night DD had her "Spring Concert". Her class sang two songs, did a dance, and enacted Rumplestiltskin. And they all did a spectacular job! I am not kidding, this was the most impressive school event we have seen. All of the classes did a good job. There was a recitation of a Dr. Suess poem by grade seven kids that blew us away. When I saw the program, I thought it was backwards. The younger kids were singing serious songs (One World) and doing a complicated dance, and the older kids were reciting Dr. Suess and singing Wiggles songs. But you know what? It was ingenious! There was something about teenagers belting out "Quack Quack Quack Quack, Cockle doodle doo" with beaming faces and pride that elevated it and made it ART. The kids reciting the poem were in groups with primary coloured shirts, and they enunciated and if the man himself could have seen it he would have been proud. Still not impressed with the principal (the address she was supposed to give was given by the Vice Principal instead) and some of the organization could have been better. The programs were poorly photocopied and stapled together when they could have used half as much paper with a double sided copy. But the show itself was stellar. We were extra proud of DD. Normally she gets so excited and over stimulated, that she ends up getting upset and scowling through the whole thing. This time she smiled a mile wide, and went with the flow. Even when her hat came off, she just laughed and set it off to the side and continued on. That's my girl! And now I am going to take a nap before doing some REAL work today. Too many errands, too much waiting, and my brain is tired and cobweby.


Anonymous said...

You go girl!!! I only wish you'd asked him how many children he had!!!
I did read somewhere that you don't want to whiten your teeth whiter than your eyeballs... I guess you could blind yourself in the mirror!!!
I hope you start feeling better -

Poops said...

I'm so impressed that you said something. Sometimes people need to know that they've gone offsides. Perhaps he'll think twice before criticizing!