Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Ferrets are funny!

I had the pleasure of visiting somebody with two ferrets. They were rescues, which I think is the only time you can have them here or something. Anyway, they were adorable and charming and the most cunning little stinkers I have ever met LOL. One of them distracted me by doing "nip and runs" - basically running up to me, giving me a little nip, then running like heck. While I was busy squealing and wondering when and where the next attack was coming, the other was skillfully emptying the contents of my purse and hiding the objects in their special stash. Sneaky buggers! It was all quite funny, and I did get my belongings back. I just hope the little guy didn't sneak off and use my debit card while I was distracted ;). I have to make a confession. I am a little afraid of ferrets. They look cute and cuddly but they can bite, and those little weasel teeth look quite threatening to me. I once saw a ferret in a pet shop attach itself to a workers hand and refuse to let go, even while being waved in the air like a scarf at the end of a drag race. They had to sedate the thing to get it off. Two seconds before that it was playfully begging for treats and playing hide and seek around a piece of wood. So when one of them climbed up my body to give me a "kiss" in exchange for a treat, I was a little wary. But it all went fine, and I still have my lips and no accidental nose piercing LOL. They really are amusing little guys. But apparently, you have to REALLY have a sense of humour because they get into a lot of trouble too. By the end of the visit they had climbed into the sleeves of my fleece jacket and fallen asleep! We were officially there to look at hamsters. One doesn't think of a hamster as something needing to be rescued, but apparently there are a lot of people that just abandon them in their cages when they get bored of them. I should have been more specific, we are looking for a tame teddy bear like hamster, and they had all dwarf chinese types (very small, very quick, and suitable for older children only). There was a tempting funny little gerbil, but DD has her heart set on a hammie. I wish I could have spent more time with the guinea pigs, those are quirky little guys too. When we walked by their area, they whistled and squeaked and ran around in circles. Quite personable things, really - the long haired ones always look like they have bed head LOL. I would have taken a pair in a minute, DH not so much. Don't worry, we'll break him down eventually - bwa ha ha haaaaa!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh! Did you bring back fond memories of the ferret we once had. Her name was Roxie and she was adorable. There is no pet more fun, I don't think. She had a different tactic for sneaking up and nipping each family member. She loved to sleep in my lap and travel around the house with me, while in my big pockets. She and our dogs had oodles of fun playing together. She loved to push everything off a table or surface. She once emptied a cabinet in my bathroom so completely that I could hardly push the door open. Oh, and I never did find my watch, which I highly suspect was her doing.
(sorry this is so long)

Poops said...

I vote for a guinea pig too! I had one when I was a kid, his name was Charlie, and every time you opened the fridge door he'd squeal for some carrots!

JenTX said...

When my youngest was in first grade, they had a class guinea pig and he'd go home with a different child each weekend and the lucky recipient was supposed to write in "Fluffy's" journal.

I'll never forget Mark's entry. We were cleaning Fluffy's cage and I guess being out of his cage and in a different place sort of got Fluffy out of sorts because he nipped at Mark. Mark wrote:

Fluffy Bites!


We didn't have to take Fluffy home anymore after that! rofl

But they are cute with that messy hair.