Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tales from the road

Well, the first part of our vacation is done and we are on to the second part. The first part? A drive to Sandusky Ohio for a stay at the Kalahari resort and waterpark. DD had a blast, and so did her parents! We tried pretty much every single water ride. Even DH who does not really swim. I caught him intentionally walking under a waterfall and accused him of having fun, which he denied vehemently LOL. There is one ride where you sit on an innertube to go down a slide. You really zip in those things LOL. After getting an entire wave up his nose after the first try, DH decided to sit out the next trip down. When I came careening out, he said that my face was just beaming in a huge smile. I replied that it should be illegal to have that much fun on a waterslide unless you are a thirteen year old boy LOL. It was fun. Everything there is very fast and intense though. Even the "lazy river" was a little too stressful for a nonswimmer like DH. The current was fast, the water falls and shoots come out very hard, and there were a lot of people bumping him and freaking him out. DD felt the water jets and falls were too hard for her as well. While DD loved it and had no troubles at all, if your kids are smaller or not strong swimmers this place might not be a good beginner water park resort for you. After one night stay (and two days of water park adventure) we parted ways with my sister and her family and made our way to Niagara Falls. I chose a hotel right on Clifton Hill. I had to trade some amenities to get this close and still have the things I knew were most important to us. The room is basic but perfectly comfortable. No internet access in the room, but I am sitting here in the lobby posting this and as comfy as can be (although a table or work desk would be appreciated). The blankets are scratchy and too small for the double beds, but the sheets are the softest I have ever slept upon, the pillows are perfect, and the linens smell nice. Like fabric softener, and not like industrial cleaner. We are making good use of the indoor AND outdoor pools as well. Right now DD and DH are playing "Glow in the dark" mini golf. This morning they left me sleeping to spend time at the arcade. DD made a pretty good haul with her tickets LOL. The piece de resistance? An eyeball ring. She flashes that ugly plastic thing like it is the best bling ever. I miss being seven ;). Yesterday we went to Marineland. We went on just about every single ride. Yes, including myself the cripple. The roller coaster was a bit too rough, and the dragon boat thingy for sure did some damage to all of us. What a fricken rough ride! You get thrown into the lap bar repeatedly. It knocked the wind out of DD and overextended by spine. We did not try the sky screamer. The Orca screamer (a much much much smaller version) was hilariously fun however. Because we were wearing crocs, we were asked to remove our shoes so they didn't fall off. Bare tootsies dangling in the breeze, it was very fun and refreshing LOL. Why bare tootsies? Well, it seems that those special (and shall I say hideously expensive) socks for diabetics that prevent blisters, boost circulation, and are non-binding are also made of tissue paper and I managed to WALK OUT THE BOTTOMS of a brand new pair! I was too embarassed to dangle my holey socks above the heads of those in line and passersby so I whipped them off and tossed them to DH. I think he is still a little traumatized about having my stinky socks lobbed at him without warning ROFL. We saw every show and even paid extra to touch and feed the baluga whales. We weren't allowed to touch the babies, but they did come right up and look at us. We also got splashed by killer whales, and saw some of the cutest seals and sea lions ever. The seals reminded us so much of Ruby that we were almost homesick lol. There was one seal that was not in the best of moods, and while he did everything that was asked, he would snub the treat he was offered. He would turn his head and squeeze his eyes shut, and have such a disgusted look on his face it made us all laugh. Ruby does the exact same thing if you offer her a treat she is not in the mood for. Last night we walked down to the falls to watch the fireworks. In general, I am not a big fan. I don't like the noise and crowds. But I have to admit, over the backdrop of the falls with DD wrapped in my shawl and snuggling between DH and I, it was a lovely experience. I am glad that we went. Today is a day of rest. I get to play on the internet for a bit, DH and DD are doing midway things then going swimming. Later we might walk to the Hershey store to take DD's picture with the big hershey's kiss LOL. We have a picture of her there from the last time we came here, when she was about four. I want to get a new one see how much she has grown and changed since then. I see a family tradition and album of candy kiss pictures as she gets older ROFL. Tomorrow is African Lion Safari. Action packed folks, never a dull moment! But we are having fun and getting along better than on any other vacation ever. Which is a good good thing. So until the next time, have a fun time. And slather on some sun screen for me, because mine ain't working and I have a cleavage burn that beats the band.


tammy/mickey15 said...

dances!!!! I had no idea you were going to Kalahari!! I live 10 minutes away right down the same road!!!! I would've loved to meet you!
To think you were that close to me and we didn't even meet...I'm bummed :o(

Poops said...

That sounds like the best vacation! And I know what you mean about the eyeball bling. My Bug is seven and she's the same way.

Every year when we were kids, my aunt would take Sister and I to Storyland up in the White Mountains, and we have a progression of yearly shots of us beside the big book at the entrance. "You are now entering a storybook world. Follow the path and it will lead you well."

The Big Kiss pictures sound like a great idea...she'll treasure them someday!

Gardengrl said...

Bullfrog SPF 45 baby!!! I'm in Florida, light skin, light hair and eyes....basically a poster-child for skin cancer, and that's the only thing I use when I spend a considerable amount of time in the sun. Make sure you get the one that's water and sweat proof (blue bottle?).

Your vacay sounds wonderful! Hey, I'm going to Canada next month (Vancouver Island); can't wait!