Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I am freezing to death

It is not fair that in the same body I a) cannot stand the heat and b) have a low tolerance to air conditioning. I am too hot to go without it, but then I need to wear a sweater and thick socks and wrap a blanket around myself so I can stand it. DD is the same way. She screams if she is too warm, but has to sit covered in a blanket if the air is on. My mother, sisters, and grandparents are the same way. Defective! Defective! I have to go on a business trip tomorrow. I cannot tell you how badly I need to do laundry for myself in order to have something to wear on this trip. I made extra sure that we had all the laundry supplies I need, and told DH under pain of death he cannot use the machine today. While I was at my appointment he snuck into the basement and tossed in a load of his work jeans. And then our washer broke. It won't finish a cycle and keeps cutting out (the breaker is fine. I have no idea of there are fuses or whatever on the washer itself). Perhaps today is the day I make good use of the composting hole in the garden. So now I have to try and find a repairman who can come when somebody is home and I won't even be here for two days. AND I will be spending my evening in a laundromat. Grrrr. In what can only be described as a moment of lunacy, DH turned to me and said "That is fine for you, but what about my jeans?". I offered to hang them to dry by flinging them on the roof, but he declined the offer ;). Being the nerd that I am, at the moment I am drowning my sorrows in veggies and dip. Sigh. I need a better vice.

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Anonymous said...

The washer could have broken with YOUR clothes in it... One nice thing about the laundrymat - you don't have to wait for the washer to cycle for every load -- just use however many washers you need to!! I HATE what they cost now.. I'm always amazed when I have to go there for big bulky stuff [or reallly nasty dirty stuff I refuse to do in MY washer]