Wednesday, August 15, 2007

One bad thing about hotel rooms

If you choose to pick up dinner and eat while you work (yes. I drove four hours to sit in a hotel room and work remotely like I do at home ROFL), the room smells like whatever you had for dinner the rest of the night. Even if you toss the empty containers in the garbage in the lobby. Now, my dinner was good mind you. But I don't want to smell veggie quesadillas all night. Blech. I just realized that I have the shopping channel going in the background. Which is proof that I can ignore the tv and get a lot of work done when I am not CONSTANTLY INTERRUPTED. For some reason, the minute I get in a hotel room I always turn on the TV and flip through the channels - then promptly ignore it (although I don't turn it off). I don't even do that at home. Maybe it helps cancel out any noise from other lodgers or people passing in the hallway? I don't know. But there it is. And if I can, I get a room with a king size bed. I suppose it's the luxury of being alone in a bed bigger than I have at home (and no cats or dog to pin down the covers or plop their hind parts on my forehead in the middle of the night) but you know what? I still sleep way over to one side, clinging to the edge. With one leg completely out of the covers (hence the reason for clinging to the edge, the better to reach a good spot to put that leg out!). I will admit that I often sleep on the OTHER side of the bed. Or lie across it sideways (and make a complete mess of the covers to re-orient them to how I want them. You know - so I can get that leg out.). Wonder what the housekeeping staff think about me. Complete mess of the bed, rearranged furniture. That is right. If I can't get a good enough wireless signal from the desk I am not above moving it to where the signal is better. I am grateful that most hotel desks are really more of a table or else I would pay for it later (my body likes to wait and punish me later. Revenge served cold and all that). Back to the shopping channel. The hostess is wearing the worst shirt decision I have ever seen on television. It is a white dress shirt with a sort of insert down the buttons and around under the bust line. The fabric of the insert is thicker and more opaque, which accentuates the two tear shaped pouches housing her breasts. Perhaps she could have saved a few bucks and wore a regular shirt with two red arrows that say "look at my boobs!". Not to mention, if one wants to draw attention to body parts it is better to do so in a FLATTERING manner. The high neck of her turned up collar and how the thicker insert cradles her boobs makes the fullest part of the bust pouches appear lower and longer than they are. She would need to put those red arrows at approximately the level of her navel in this shirt. Plus it needs ironing badly. A bad shirt is a bad shirt, but a bad shirt that needs ironing is just a crime. Hey, I'm the biggest fashion victim out there so I know one when I see one baby. Now. Stop bugging me about hotel rooms and making me watch the shopping channel. Go about your business so I can get back to work. Tee hee!

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