Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One more straw

One more straw, and this camel's back will be broken! Wait a minute. Did I just call myself a camel? Scratch that. It's been a long couple of days! Talk about errands. Prescription renewals which required total re-entry of insurance information, doctors appointments for forms filled out, new school registrations, pick this up here and that up there. I still need to go get a new flexible vent for the dryer (and it has to be gas rated, and I have been told there is such an animal even if DH says no). DD needs a new school backpack, a few more odds and ends of clothing, and Brownie sign up is soon if she decides she wants to go again. I would love it for her to go again, but I just can't handle having to drag her there every week. And once she gets there I have to drag her out again once it is done because she doesn't want to leave. I need that cattle prod more and more every day. Then working later in the night to accomodate for taking the time off during the day, which makes DH and DD grumpy. And that makes ME grumpy because it isn't like I was spending my day playing on the internet or anything. Oh hush. Do you want a blog or not? Tee hee! So I am plying myself with food to make it all better. I got some GOOD jelly beans. Still not jelly belly (these are The Jelly Bean Factory and they are very good) but are hitting the spot. They have black licorice ones in there! Mmmmmm. I bought fresh green beans and sugar snap peas to have with my dinner. And not only will I be making mashed potatoes tonight but I will be EATING them. With lots of butter. My sister and her family went to Frankenmuth MI and brought me back a container of that awesome cranberry relish that I have been trying to recreate forever. I don't taste orange in it this time. But I keep checking for it by eating a spoonful every time I pass the fridge. Condiment schmondiment, this stuff is a food group. Sigh. They love me. If things don't start looking up soon I'll be spending my evenings eating pistashio ice cream mixed with rocky road and shopping for new jeans to fit my supersized arse. Or my teeth will rot out of my head. Or both. But I better get to work if I want to finish any time soon. The jelly beans aren't going to hold out all night, you know.

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