Friday, August 17, 2007

Who knew

Who knew that sitting on one's backside for four hours (maybe a bit longer, there was traffic) could be so draining? I got home last night and felt like I had run a marathon. How do long-haul truckers do that full time, and for longer shifts? My already flat arse feels even pancake-ier. I was invited to go to the movies but the thought of sitting in that seat for that long makes me want to scream and run around in circles. Some motrin and a butt rub from my darling husband (what? Like you've never gotten a butt rub from your dearest) and I felt a little better. But the long drive two days in a row got my nerve damage in an uproar and my legs crawled all night long. You know you had a rough night when you wake up so wrapped in the comfortor that it takes ten minutes and another person to get you out of the tangles. Ruby of course took advantage of the fact I couldn't defend myself and alternately put her tongue up my nose and tried to put her toy squirrel in my mouth - wagging that curly tail all the while. I was supposed to stop at a yarn store before leaving to come home, but I somehow managed to mislay the street it was supposed to be on. I followed the directions, but never found the street I was looking for. And I know I went far enough because the road I was on eventually became a dead end ROFL. I turned back and tried the other way - sometimes they have different signs facing one way than the other. I have seen that happen. But not this time. That street was nowhere to be found in either direction. By then I was so hungry I knew I shouldn't wait until I got on the road and stopped to eat at a restaurant called Zet's. The place is sort of like a cafeteria that serves booze at first glance. All menu offerings are pictured on the wall and you make your order. They cook it and assemble it on a tray then call you to pick it up. Now, this place was NOT fancy and really I did not know what to expect. To my surprise the servings were very generous, the food was excellent, and having a real plate and actual metal cutlery was a nice surprise. I got the chicken souvlaki dinner and a coffee (served in a real cup). It was served with rice, potatoes, a side of the yummiest - if the most garlicky - tatziki sauce I have ever had AND greek salad. Oh, and a roll with butter. The chicken pieces were huge, there had to be two whole chicken breasts there. Cooked perfectly, and everything was well made. All that for about 16.00 including tax. Not bad for so close the the airport. I will definitely go back there next time. Can you tell I am hungry right now LOL? I am waiting for my mother to get home from work because we are meeting them (and two of my nieces) for dinner. DD usally eats way earlier than this so she is taking her mind off her hunger by playing computer games and watching Hannah Montanna. So I ordered the pattern for a certain baby sweater and have been combing sources for the perfect yarn. First I was looking for a "unisex" colour - my cousin is having twins so I need to start these things as soon as possible if I want to have a chance of completion before the shower. Or at least the birth. Especially if I want to make blankets too. Then I found out that I could get more specific because she knew they were going to be boys - they said so at her last ultrasound. Goody, makes it better because I can do shades of blue and get boy type buttons. Then it dawned on me. She is only like two months pregnant at this point. It was not a 3D ultrasound. How the heck do they know it is boys? I had an ultrasound with a clear view of "that area" when I was about 7 months pregnant and still, the technician agreed it was just a guess. He was right, but still LOL. So I made some calls and found out that her tech did not say the babies WERE boys, but that they COULD be boys based on the umbilical cords or some nonesense. I am going to need a more reliable source than THAT my darlings. Yellow and green are looking like better choices at this moment. Now don't get me wrong. I am not implying that a girl cannot wear blue or a boy cannot wear purple. But there are finishings that would suit one or the other better and for longer. Parents may allow a boy to be wrapped in a pinkish blanket, but how long they will use said blanket is severely drawn short if said blanket is frilly or has any bows at all. I suppose that white is always a good choice, but white gets dirty so fast. And sometimes I find that white knits get dingy so even when they are clean they still look dirty. Most mothers are hyper vigilant about cleanliness - especially for first babies. No, green and yellow it is LOL. Another idea would be to go ahead with the blue and green then include TWO packages of buttons. One very girly, and one very masculine. Hmmmm. That is a good idea LOL. Or even better, since boy and girl sweaters are supposed to button in opposite directions, make the sweater reversible! Now THAT is a better idea. When the pattern gets here I will decide if that is an option. As for the boobaliscious tank, I am about 80 percent done the front. Take it from me, knitting flat (so you knit on row, purl another) and seed stitch (knit one, purl one, then on the next row you knit the purl stitches and purl the knit stitches) builds character. Like eating brussels sprouts, shoveling snow, emptying the dishwasher, and scooping the litter box. I keep telling myself that this is a good practice and will result in a faster purling in general but I am gullible and prone to believe such platitudes. After all, I do eat brussels sprouts, I have learned to like shovelling snow, I would rather empty the dishwasher than touch dirty dishes to fill it, and....well maybe I should remove scooping the litter from the list. I'm not THAT gullible.

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