Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bride of the frankenstein

Last night I had a dream that somebody hit me in the neck with a sledgehammer. We were sitting on a train, and the train lurched, and somebody came from behind and hit me. I wasn't even upset about it at the time and I cannot tell you what we were doing on a train. I woke up this morning with a kink in my neck. In the soft part between the neck and shoulder. I cannot turn my head or look up or look down. If I want to look at something I have to turn my whole upper body, which my husband and daughter seem to think is hilarious. Ruby has taken advantage of this vulnerability a few times by trying to put her tongue up my nose and snotting right in my face with full force since I can't turn away. Since the day is already miserable I figure I might as well go get my blood tests today. I am hoping the wait isn't too long because I can't go until 11:00am and my stomach is already grumbling. A person like me is rarely ever actually HUNGRY, but on days when I get my blood tested my stomach growls like a bear and I get sweaty and nauseous and feel like poopy. Why not add a kinked neck on top LOL? Once I get back I will spend some quality time with my heating pad rice pack and the motrin. No muscle relaxants becase they make me mean. I am talking mean like a rabid dog. Any slight noise (talking, the tv, dog snorts, cat burps) makes me snap. They work well, I just wish I didn't turn into a maniac when I take them. Too bad. Off I go to heat up the rice pad and wait for 11:00am. While I am doing that, talk amongst yourselves and pass around some nibblies. Have a coffee or two. We'll have a better visit tomorrow. 'Kay?

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JenTX said...

Good Morning BofF. How's the neck feeling today? I've had dreams like that before (I think an arrow was in my skull) and I woke up with a headache. Dreams are kinda funny aren't they. lol

Hope you're feeling better. A good way to keep your family from making fun of you is to remove all the toilet tissue from the bathroom and wait for their pleas for your assistance. Then remind them how it's not nice to make fun of someone who's in pain! *evil grin*