Monday, September 24, 2007

DNA strikes again

Isn't it purty? That thar is an apple pie. Made from apples we picked with our very own hands. Lovingly peeled and cored and sliced (DD helped!). Mixed with lemon juice and brown sugar and cinnamon, and precooked part way so that there was no annoying gap between the crust and the apples after it was baked and cooled. Sparkly crust, tasty filling. A work of beauty.

And this? That would be the inpenetrable bottom crust. It was not just firm - we are talking you could have a bar fight with it. Forget a broken bottle, just grab a piece of my pie. The top crust was just as hard. I used a serrated knife to saw through it, and it looks no worse for the wear which is a good indication of how hard it is. Pity, because the filling was really very good and for once wasn't too runny and didn't spill out after slicing. Some of the apples were too "crunchy" for DH, but I think one of the apples I used just cooks up that way. They simmered long enough and then baked. I think it might have been the Royal Gala. I didn't find them crunchy, but they were firmer than the others.

There were comments about the crust. And even though I did my best NOT to make it tough and followed all the tips given me over the years, and even though it took two days to make because the dough had to chill overnight - supposedly to make it more tender - I did not take it to heart. For you see, it is my inescapable destiny to bake pies that are beautiful with crusts firm enough to tap dance on. It comes from my paternal grandmother I believe. My father tells stories of pie crusts that forks can be bounced upon. We all giggled, not knowing that in our very genes there rested a time bomb waiting to take one of us - and our pies - out. I do have hope however. Just recently I have tasted a pie made by the hands of said grandmother. And the crust was NOT bullet proof. In fact, it had the fortitude of a wet cracker. Surely, you say, that is not exactly an improvement. And that is true. But it still gives me hope that some day I may bake a pie and both the filling AND the pastry will be edible. Some day........

On another note, somebody please tell Xena that she is not laundry, and inform Jasmine that her food dish is NOT a pillow.

Want to see a grumpy hamster? Tee hee!

Wow, that is a lot of poop. We do clean her cage, honest. For some reason she has "reserved" a spot just beside where she sleeps to store all her poops. She has a different corner on the lower floor where she pees. Interesting. And I am NOT poking her with my finger ROFL. I am petting her and she is sleepy. Sleepy Grumpy Sparkle.

And a grumpy dog that thinks her ear drops are the Worst. Punishment. Ever. Even though she gets treats after. She won't even look at me right now. What a stinker.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of pies... but am a fan of P!llsbury pie crust... a little extra butter brushed on top and sprinkled with sugar... yum... I also am a fan of Crack.r Bar.ell's cooked apples..
Gotta love the grumpy pets..

Anonymous said...

It's almost Halloween -- does Ruuuby get dressed up? I got an email from a friend that had several pugs dressed up -- they do not look like happy dogs...