Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Doing the happy Tuesday dance!

Well, a certain little thing has gone to school today. Her first day at a new school. I am doing the happy going to school dance, but in a muted style because I can't believe my daughter is in grade 3. GRADE THREE. With her new school dress on, I swear she looks like a teenager. She wore her backpack and carried her lunch like such a big girl. Sigh. What happened to the little baby we used to wrap in a blanket and call "Peanut". Sigh again. As I sit and ponder this, I realize I can't hear anything. No, I have not gone deaf. It is QUIET here! The tv is not on, there is no dance mix cd running in the radio, no background buzz from ipod earphones. Nobody playing computer games behind me or flinging barbies around the room. And not a single person has come and stood nose to nose with me and shrieked "I AM BORED. I AM HUNGRY". Tee hee! Before I get too excited I have to keep reminding myself that DH is home and the tv will come on any moment. But for now, I am enjoying this blessed silence. Ruby is upstairs so not even a dog-nose whistle. Ahhhhhhhh.


Anonymous said...

Be sure to let us know how her first day as a 3rd grader goes!!!

anettemartinrn said...

third grade already? isnt it time for an updated pic?