Thursday, September 06, 2007

Old lady?!?!?

My darling delightful piece-of-angel-food-cake daughter has taken to calling her father and I "the old man and the old lady". As in "Hurry up old man" and "the mean old lady won't let me get any toys". Then she laughs her little arse off. Now. I get indignant, insisting that 34 was NOT old by any means.

Then my darling sweet-as-a-cupcake husband corrected me. It seems that I am 35. THIRTY FIVE. First of all, who does he think he is keeping track like that? And second of all, I wish people would stop reminding me of my age thank you. I don't believe there is such a thing as "old". Age shouldn't be a barrier to anything you want to do. True, sometimes there are physical barriers that happen to be more likely after a certain amount of mileage, but if you CAN do something you should do it, and happily so regardless of what the calendar says.

Having said that, why insist that it is no big deal that I am 35 while making such a big deal making sure I know it? That doesn't make sense. Don't tease me about it then say it shouldn't matter to me, because obviously it should if one feels the need to constantly point it out. No, I don't think I am missing out on opportunities, it's just that I guess I always picture myself at being a certain age and stage and it shocks me a bit when that crashes into the reality.

DD is very good at picking up on what issues give me the most angst. She tells me I have a huge behind. She calls me old. She tells me my clothes are ugly. She insists my shirts smell like pickles, that I have coffee breath, and my hair smells like barf. All the while laughing fit to bust. Even if we don't find her funny, she sure thinks herself quite an amusement. Sigh. They grow so fast.


mxley said...

"Old lady"????

I think your DD needs a reality check. If my son had done that at ANY age, he'd have been grounded or worse.

Not because I wasn't old, but because children need to show respect for adults. If you don't get it now, you're going to have a really rough ride when she's 14 and older!

What's funny now just isn't later. Laugh inside, but don't let a child (who doesn't know any better unless you tell her) think this behavior is acceptable.

anettemartinrn said...

whine to me when your age starts with a "4" like mine, lol.

wow, is she ever growing! thanks for the updated pic.


JenTX said...

It might just be me, but it sure does feel ballsy to me for someone to come read and then chastise the blogee on their own blog. Wowsers. Ever hear of going and playing in your own sandbox?

And knowing Dances, and yes, I've met her and her DH but not her lovely daughter, I'm not worried about her having a "rough ride" when her DH is older. I've never met a more involved parent.

I also suspect, to keep the blog interesting, she might be taking a little "artistic license" with her stories. If not, no big deal. It's her daughter, her life. I enjoy reading about it.

Blog on! lol

P.S. Age is just a number and a state of mind. I'm very close to 46 but I certainly don't feel it. I honestly feel more like early 30's. But I wouldn't want to go back to those years! lol

JenTX said...

Bwahahahahaa! What a typo! I meant to say "when DD is older" instead of DH. lolol

We know that DD will grow up but not DH! (and you know I mean that in the "sympathize with you over a cuppa" kind of way!)

Oy, where's the edit button when you need one?! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wait until you're a double nickle baby....

Anonymous said...

Blog on and wait til you hit the 60's to think about being old. A comeback I used with my kids, "You do know that you will probably look like me when you grow up,don't ya?" lol, sure gave them something to think about, teehee. Love your blogging!!