Friday, September 14, 2007

Speed Bump

Sometimes DD uses my computer chair and pulls it over to the other desk. When I need it back I have to really haul it because it doesn't move well on the carpet. She had been playing games, so I needed to move the chair. I gave it a tug and it didn't move, so I pushed harder. It still didn't move. Must be a "bump" in the carpet. With all my might, I give the chair a mighty heave and it practically flies across to my desk. I was just about to sit down when I realized I was in intense pain. I guess the "bump" was my toe. When I hurt my feet I don't feel it right away. It sort of creeps up and is general pain, I have to search around to see where it is coming from. Not this time, I skinned one of my little piggies pretty good. It's bad enough having your foot run over. It's even worse when you do it yourself and have nobody to yell at ;).

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