Monday, September 10, 2007

Thanks for the book rec

Thank you Parhelia for the book recommendation, but we won't be needing it. It seems our little rock shrimp was not happy in our little tank world and passed from this mortal coil some time in the night. When I went to feed the fish the next morning, it was sitting belly up on the floor of the tank. "It's sleeping" I tried to convince myself (visions of a dead parrot nailed to a perch and english accents cross my mind). Then Cedric swam by for a nibble and quickly relieved the poor thing of one of it's little legs. The shrimp was not sleeping. I considered leaving it in there for Cedric, which was a thought too horrid for DD to consider. And I guess she was right. After all, how does a 25 cent killer goldfish rate a nine-dollar meal? So she fished it out and we gave it a proper burial at sea. We all said our good-byes. It was a touching ceremony. Remind me later that we all need a life, 'kay? DH asked why I didn't just bring it back for a refund, after all they do have a live fish guarantee or some such. But I didn't because I know the truth. That shrimp wasn't sick. We killed it. Either Cedric harrassed him until he couldn't take it any more, the tank was too cold (although it registers in the proper range) or he was so despondant at living with us that he off-ed himself. It doesn't really matter now. Plus the idea of hauling a dead bug back there was a bit much for a morning errand. Rest in peace, dear shrimpie.

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Parhelia said...

Awww, poor shrimpie! I guess it just wasn't meant to be.
Anyway, I found something else at Amazon that you need. Dare ya to look!