Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Whoops. Hee hee. Go back to bed now.

After getting DD to school this morning, I rushed home to shower because DH and I have appointments this morning. I was shocked and surprised that he was still in bed. He wanted to sleep in today, and I thought that meant not getting up early to get DD off to school but we had to leave in like 15 minutes to make our appointments on time. I rushed him up and shoved him into the shower (okay, we showered together but don't get any ideas. I sort of showered "around" him to save time) then we both hurridly got dressed and were about to walk out of the house hungry and with wet hair when DH stopped and said "What day is it?". Wednesday. Then he started laughing fit to bust and said we didn't have to rush any more. I had no idea what was going on, we were going to be late. Except for our appointments are TOMORROW. Not today. So his only day to sleep in and I woke him up and set him running about the house ROFLMAO! It could be worse. They could have been yesterday, right?

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