Monday, October 01, 2007

Chicken or the egg kind of thing

This morning I had a dream that I was gagging on something and spitting it out. It was sort of like mushy paper or gritty bread or something and it was filling my mouth and my throat. I woke up dry heaving. Do you think that having the gross dream triggered the gagging? Or was I gagging in my sleep and my dream sort of accomodated it? Have you ever wondered that? I know my dreams can "assimilate" things like my alarm going off into new noises that fit what is going on at the time in dreamland. Sometimes it is a siren or a person wailing, or when it is the radio alarm that song plays in the background of the dream. Like muzac in an eleveator or dressing room LOL. But did the dream conjure up the siren first then my alarm happened to go off and the two converged as I awoke? Interesting. Or maybe just interesting for us nerdy types. Last week I was in Mississauga for 3 days. My last day was a long one, and the drive back seemed like it took forever. So when I was feeling achy and tired and stuff the next day I just figured it was the effects of that and the crappy vehicle I got from the rental company this time. Just a note - I HATE Uplanders. Poor handling, bad mileage, mirrors are poorly placed, gutless yet hulking. If you have one and like it, then goodie for you. I hate them. This is the third time I've gotten one, and so I feel I can confirm that it IS the vehicle and not just chance that I feel like a truck - or a minivan at least - hit me after driving it. It is so poorly designed it makes you physically sore to drive it. Anyhoo. By the middle of the day Friday the swelling of the fire hole I called my throat forced me to realize it was not ALL the vehicles fault. Sinus cold. Ugh. I don't think the drive and the drizzly weather has helped much (and some other TMI that causes one to feel like hibernating and eating chocolate). So now I am sitting here sniffling and being a big baby about it LOL. Actually, it makes me dizzy. I hate being dizzy. Blech. No wonder I woke up dry heaving. Speaking of ears (okay, we weren't. But who cares?) Ruby's are doing well. The drops really seem to be making a difference. She hasn't used my face as an ear scratcher in the middle of the night since a day or two after starting them. No redness. No brown smelly gunk. But just a few more days of drops. I wonder how long it will last after that? I have been wiping out her nose roll at the same time. I figure, she hates having the drops put in and she hates having her nose roll cleaned, why not combine it into one large hunk of annoyance? Make her work for that cheerio LOL. And she needs it done. Talk about stinky. Phee-ewwww! Stinky cheesy nose roll face. I think I might start putting vaseline on her nose so she licks it less (maybe it will feel less dry, you know?) - that might help with the stinky pug face. Or not. So now I will work a bit more then take a break to drink some hot tea and sniffle and stuff.

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mtnester said...

I think you were having the physical experience and your dream "accommodated" it. I sometimes have a dream that develops into a search for a bathroom; sometimes, I have gross, surrealistic images of (well, I don't think you want the details). At that point, I usually awaken and figure "it couldn't hurt" to get up for a minute. So, I definitely think you have the physical signal first, and then it is worked into the "plot" of your dream.