Thursday, November 08, 2007

Of Chihuahuas and Klingons

We have started a new tradition. Now, first let me make it clear. In this house we have so many creatures of habit, that if you do something ONCE, expect that it will have to be done exactly that same way and at that same time for ever and ever amen. I have moved the kleenex box six inches from it's original spot and caused a multi-level melt down. I have replaced the bathmat with the EXACT SAME bathmat (colour and everything, just newer) and sparked one of the biggest arguments DH and I ever had. Any time I do anything different - especially during an established routine - it makes husbands and kids and dogs and cats very nervous. The only one that seems to roll with the punches is Sparkle. This morning she was sleep-eating carrots while sitting on TOP of her igloo. Sparkle is a spontaneous kind of gal. We get along fine, her and I. Anyhow. The other day I suggested to DH that since I am off right now, and since most likely when I find a new job it won't be "work-from-home", that it might be time to think about getting another dog. Ruby will be so lonely, and I think a buddy to snuggle with and take naps with and stuff would be helpful to her. If we get it now I will have time to do the potty training and such necessary with a new puppy. And I happen to know somebody that has a long-haired chihuahua puppy that will be a slightly larger size and needs a good home. DH is adamant that this is a horrible, horrible idea. He does not want to add another being to this house at all. Especially not a "rat dog". During our "conversation" about it, I turned to Ruby and asked "Do you want a chihuahua for christmas?". Now, in pug-speak (which - if you listen carefully - is suspiciously similar to Klingon) apparently "you want a chihuahua for christmas" sounds a lot like "Do you want to come with us?". And Ruby got so excited to go somewhere with us that we had to take her along to drive DD to school. This morning, Ruby was staring at me intently and listening with all her concentration (as other pug owners know, concentrating is hard for a pug as they have about as much attention span as two gnats. Unless it involves a piece of dropped food where they cannot get it. Never retrieve the scrap and toss it in the garbage without making sure the pug knows it is gone. They will scratch and dig and search at that spot for the next three years trying to find that crumb). She wanted to make sure she heard me when I asked her the question again. So I obliged. "Does Ruby want a chihuahua for christmas?" which set her to rooing and snotting and prancing around and herding us towards the door. I of course found this all quite amusing. Dh is not so sure. He also does NOT find it amusing that when Ruby "speaks" to me I speak Klingon back to her. He says she is a piglet and not a Klingon, and I say how does he know that ALL piglets are not Klingons? Sensing this is an argument he cannot win, at least for that moment, he usually shakes his head and removes himself from the room. To anybody that says I amuse easily? My response: 'oH SoH chu' ?

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hensteeth said...

Small dogs, especially, need dog buddies so they can look to each other for clues to vital questions like, what do we do now for heaven's sake? Like chasing each other. Like snuggling together to sleep. Like remembering to drink water. And when to wait at the window.

I say go for it. And blame Santa. Let them argue with the jolly old elf.

(P.S. I speak Springer. It's a talent only the Springer Spaniel appreciates.)