Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pickle Breath

I love a good pickle. Garlicky, salty, dilly pickles. Claussen has the best crunchy pickles ever, in the refrigerated section. I could eat a jar at a sitting, which I try not to do because they are relatively expensive. So far I haven't found a bought pickle yet that compares. Most are too tart for my liking. I just had one with my lunch (light mortadella, sliced very thin on fresh sourdough bread). And it was very very good, but now I have pickle breath LOL. I must be PMS'ing, because I have had the most intense cravings lately. My body (or perhaps my pshyche) is seeking warm, doughy, goodness in the form of sandwiches on good bread, and flatbreads dipped in hummous, and pizza. It is craving fat and sweet in the form of donuts. Not donut shop donuts, but rather the bakery style donuts that are fried a little darker and maybe are a little tougher and not perfectly shaped, but have that marvelous chocolate glaze or cinnamon sugar. It is craving fat and salt in the form of cheeses and cured meats and pickles and olives. And before ANYONE suggests it, no there is not a little Dances anywhere causing these cravings. Although DD is not above subliminal messages if it increases her chances of getting a donut ;). Do you have more than one set of bedding for your bed? I thought everybody had more than one. I have three for my bed alone, and feel like it is not enough. When one is in the wash, there is one on the bed and one in the linen closet. And let me tell you, it is nice to have the extra in case of late-night hurl fests, sudden hairball emergencies, and so forth. Right now we are on my FAVOURITE set. Not so much for the looks, but the comfortor is so soft and billowy and comfy that it is hard to get out of bed. It is the favourite of the cats and Ruby as well. You practically have to peel them off it LOL. Jasmine likes to bunch up a corner to use as a pillow, then stretch out while snuggling in so she is cradled by the puff. Xena paws around a bit to fluff it up, and rolls up into a ball and settles into it like a nest. Ruby spent the night last night UNDER the covers, snuggly nestled along the small of my back or the crook of my knees depending on how I was laying (I am like a circus act when I sleep. All over the place). It is so funny, I bought one of those new flameless candle/air fresheners. I put it in the bedroom, and had to laugh because now when the cats and the dog go in there, they sniff deeply and sigh - tee hee. Especially Ruby. I guess if I were a pug, I would want to stay in a room that smelled like cookies too. I have a floral one too, but I found it too strong for the bedroom. It is in the livingroom right now. I think I might get more of those flameless candles - votives and things, not necessarily air fresheners. I miss having candles lit. My cats - especially Xena - are not candle smart, so I cannot trust them with an open flame even SUPERVISED. She is up and has her nose in the flame or dipping a paw in the hot wax before I can even perceive she is there. Sneaky bugger. These flameless, heatless candles might be a way around that. I have so much to do. Cleaning, laundry, cooking, planning for christmas baking and holiday shopping, I want to make a big batch of perogies and some soup to freeze. Christmas cards to print, fold, sign. Whew. I better get moving!

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