Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Taking the bull by the foot

Poor DD. She has foot problems. She also has a thumb problem. Namely - warts. Plantars type on her feet, regular on her thumb. They were really bothering her so to the doctor's office we went. I got to hold her while she screamed hysterically as she was tortured with a frozen stick. That is one thing I could never have expected about being a parent. Sometimes you have to do things that hurt her for her own good. But it still rips your heart out, let me tell you. And the fact she probably has to go again at LEAST one more time? I might need to sedate her. Sheesh. As this was going on (it was a med student doing the torturing) the doctor took his chance and jabbed me with a flu shot. I don't know if he thought I was going to object or something, but he sure didn't want to give me the chance to run away. He stabbed me and slapped a bandaid on it before I even knew what was happening. So today I have a sore arm and a circle of skin missing where the bandaid ate into me like an acid oozing alien. Tonight I am making myself a simple dish for dinner, but one that I love. It is simply cooked rice mixed with cooked lentils and browned onions but I love that stuff. I precooked the lentils this time in a good and flavourful broth, and I really look forward to the carmelized onions. DD and DH aren't fans of the texture so I tend not to put them in things (or use powder instead) so I really enjoy them when I have them. I also made a batch of hummous, and some cream cheese spread for crackers/pita/breadsticks. Cream cheese, some herbs, garlic and onion, and some yogurt to lighten it up. Whipped until fluffy. I also like it on celery sticks. DD watched all that with interest then declared that I like disgusting food, and voted for macaroni and cheese and hotdogs for herself, please LOL. I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but it is COLD here. Cold and windy, raining, and I think it is even snowing a little. I have thick socks on and a sweater, the heat is one, and I am still cold. I think I will go find a fleece blanket and a snuggle pug and kitty or two and warm up with some hot chocolate and a magazine.

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