Tuesday, December 11, 2007

For those who love those who knit

Or really, for those people who love somebody that does ANYTHING - craft, knit, sew, crochet, bake, scrapbook - anything creative. I have some sage advice for you. There comes a time each year when a person who DOES something decides to use that skill to create gifts. This is usually around Christmas, but we have been known to try and create presents for other celebrations (such as birthdays, baby showers, and so on). What better to share with friends and family than the fruits of our labour? How appropriate to give the gift of time and attention, something made just for them requiring more effort than trudging to the mall and picking up the first thing that is on sale and comes with batteries included? While we love our craft, there are still times when under a time pressure (I mean come on, we know what day christmas is on and it comes every year. But why does it insist on sneaking up on me every year?) we might act like we are not having fun. That is all part of the process, my dear, and nothing to worry about. Just ignore the swearing, the hair pulling, and the accusations that somebody has been messing around with the calendar trying to confuse us. It will all turn out in the end. And if not? There is always the mall. Anyhow, and more to the point. If your loved one is, say, knitting a pair of gloves. And said gloves were being knitted in expensive hand painted yarn that is a zillion stitches to the inch and finer than a cobweb. And just say that there have been several very fiddly parts to the pattern but the knitter is absolutely thrilled with them so far and is seriously thinking of keeping those gloves herself since the last thing she produced with so much labour is eight years old and dresses herself. This is not the time to share with your loved one that you don't like the colour, ask if that puckering around the wrist is normal, and remind her that one can buy a perfectly nice pair of gloves for 99 cents at the dollar store. When she puts the gloves away for a bit and starts working on a stole, do NOT refer to the lace edging that nearly caused blindness as "that raggedy part" nor insinuate that if you stopped now you could call it a doily and save yourself some work. See those pointy sticks she is using? One quick jab and you are wearing an eye patch, Bucko. Now. Take a deep breath, and put a big smile on your face and repeat after me: "What a lovely pair of gloves. They look nicer than anything I have seen in any store. Any person would be lucky to be the recipient of such a pair of gloves. Your knitting skill astounds me". "Is that a (gasp!) LACE stole? How gorgeous. I hear they are all the rage this year. And that edging? Marvelous. How ever do you do it?" Was that so hard? And you still have both your eyes. You will thank me later!


hensteeth said...

When I give a homemade gift, I want the recipient to make a squealing sound that approximates delight, even if it is dismay in disguise.

And not ask, "What is it?," either.

And on the off chance you'll ever Christmas in Texas, I would love a hand-knitted gift. Even those booties with the knife blade edge down the middle of the sole.

I promise I won't count the dropped stitches until you've gone.

Anonymous said...

I have come to the conclusion that a man thinks anything done for anyone but him is useless.