Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I am such a sap

So here I am, up late last night, knitting socks for my grandfather's christmas present and watching the finale of "Project Runway Canada". The first EVER Canadian version and hosted by Iman. I really liked her. I like how she says it like it is, and isn't afraid of giving her own attitude and opinion but at the same time she is supportive and fun. And here comes the sappy part. When I saw the line-up for Lucien I got teary eyed. It was beautiful! I loved the crochet accents, the whimsy of the hats, and the broken poses - although I do admit the models looked mechanic getting into the pose, once they were in it the effect was WOW. It was romantic and flirty and just, well, PRETTY. And I do agree, it is about time we got back to pretty again. I hated the shoes, however. The colours and heights were fine, but I didn't like the platform bottoms. I hated everything from MG. Sorry, but the only thing she has made that I like was that trench coat for the resort wear episode. I was hopeful for the metallic suede, but I was disappointed in what she did with it. When I saw the line-up for Biddel? I was positively BREATHLESS. The music, the power, the clothes. I loved the "jedi" hoods paired with the backless scoops. The short dresses with all those details like flat tiers and weaving. The green shorts outfit - well, it didn't fit properly and needs some work in the nether regions but the concept was very interesting. And that white jacket? Stunning. Absolutely stunning. I loved the fabrics he used, the studs. The flow was quixotic - it kind of went from glam jedi to bondage inspired, but that actually worked in the scheme of things. That dress that ended it? OMG. It could have been so BAD. But the way he worked the fullness in so it still looked like a narrow fishtail dress but she had more than enough volume to walk and how it flowed in profile? Like magic my friends, like magic. So while I think Lucien had more "wearable" items, I feel that what Biddel created was more FASHION. I think of these independant fashion lines as a showcase for a concept. The concept of the colours or maybe certain cuts, lengths of sleeves and collars and hemlines. Sure, sometimes a piece is taken and marketed as is, but in general what we see in these shows usually trickles down into commercial clothing as more subtle accents. New colours or fabrics, collars up or down, and so on. What Lucien created was more representative of what a BRAND would show and usually includes actual pieces one can expect to see for sale. Both very talented considering their ages and what not, but as for the spirit of the show, Biddel embodied what it was about more than Lucien did. And I do agree, other than the crochet additions, we have seen most of these pieces before from other designers. Is it surprising that such a fashion victim as myself would be so interested and in-tune with the fashion industry? Hey baby, I may wear Walmart clearance but my inner diva screams for Dior. My payless knockoffs may say "mommy wear", but if I had those size 6 bird feet you can guarantee I would be hobbling around in Prada. I would be that woman who shows up for parent-teacher conferences in La Croix. Is it my fault my outer body was built for Delta Burke? I can assure you that inside, I am Fergaliscious. And my influence has not gone unnoticed, as DD is home sick today and spent the morning playing the "Bratz Passion 4 Fashion" CD game. She has her own sense of style already at the age of 8 that is quite promising. Her own mix of awkward and rock and roll and cutesy whimsy mixed with a touch of Hannah Montana. Ya gotta love it. So what exactly is sappy about all that? The fact that I got weepy and excited over a contest that strangers were taking part in, and I was genuinely happy for them at the end. I mean, I have watched every season of Survivor and never once was ecstatic for whoever won. Most of the time by the end I could care less who gets the money anyway. I have watched a few seasons of "Project Runway" and "Project Catwalk" and really enjoy them but never felt personally influenced by the lines presented at the end. Who knows. Maybe Lucien was just wounded enough to catch my interest, he had that little boy charm and the accent helped. And the way he pouts when he doesn't get his own way or feels picked on brought out a mothering instinct in me I suppose. Biddel has the kind of personality that draws me in. Sure, he had his moments where he was being a bit jerky but overall he is fun and genuine, and his laugh is very authentic. Not only do I smile with him, but I want to be in on the joke too. In another world at another time and given the right circumstance I think Biddel and I could have been friends. And would have been friends. So there you go. Wipe a tear and get on with your day and say a prayer for the sap who knits socks for grandpa in her ratty flannel pj's and watches late night fashion TV. Tee hee!


hensteeth said...

I want to wish you a lovely and happy Christmas.

And to thank you for sharing the joy you find in life. It is truly an honor.

JenTX said...

You are NOT a sap....you're just an incredibly slowwwww blogger! lol

I hope you got all your knitting done in time for Christmas. I see you posting at the KT so I know you're not all tied up in yard and can't blog!

Happy New Year Dances and family!