Thursday, January 11, 2007

Any day with Cracker Style Gator Wrestling

Has to be a good day! We went to Gatorland today, and saw us a lot of gators. We saw them jump to get chicken parts. We watched them swim a bit. But mostly we saw them sitting around and doing a whole lotta nothing LOLOL. I think the weather is just a bit too cold if you are an alligator, although it is plenty warm enough if you are a Canadian. Before one of the shows, the two entertainers were trying to guess where each group of guests was from. They saw a group of teenagers, and said "Well, I would guess they are from someplace cold, because they are wearing shorts" and everybody laughed, because it is true. Native Floridians and those from other southern states were bundled today, and we had shorts and short sleeves on. Heck 75 and full sun? That's about as close to summer weather as we get! We got a nice family photo that involved the three of us, a gator, and a snake but you will have to wait for that because I'll have to scan it. It is true, Gatorland is not a full day and certainly not Disney. But we enjoyed ourselves. A nice slow pace, looking at alligators of different sizes, three different shows, getting landed on by exotic birds, and we even saw a bunny. Hey, we amuse easily.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Now, THIS is paradise

My daughter keeps exclaiming to the world, that we are in paradise for sure. Whether she be floating in the pool, eating cheesies in a wet bathing suit while drawing with sidewalk chalk, or eating an ice cream cone she twisted herself. This kid sure knows how to vacation! She is doing worksheets right now. We tried to get school work from the teacher, who informed us she would be missing just too much for her to even fathom, and she would just have to try and catch up when she got home. Jeesh, she is in GRADE TWO, not second year nuclear physics! So I made the teacher tell me what they will be working on conceptually and made/printed some sheets for myself. Colouring sheets of Florida native species (Manatee and Alligator, Florida Tree Snail, official bird and flower and flag, that sort of thing). A few pages from the orange growers association. They seem to be pushing tangerines this year, BTW. Pages of addition and subtraction a mite harder than what they are doing right now. Money (adding coins, making a certain amount with coins, that sort of thing). We came up with spelling words with our vacation theme and I made a crossword and word search. She is good with spelling and was correct with almost all on her first try. Every day the poor child has work to do before we can swim, or after we come back from doing something before she can watch tv. Such mean parents we are! Once she is done her sheets for today (she is on the last one, word problems. Diabolical!) we are going swimming. It is not even 70 degrees out there, but bright and sunny and the pool water is warm. It is the cold wet sprint from the pool back to our place that is the worst part. If you flail and shriek a lot it seems to help, just in case you were wondering. You would think it was a polar dip ROFL. Tonight we are going to dinner at SONNY's. Sonny's is a place where you can get real bbq. Well, as real as I am ever going to get, anyhow. The cole slaw is good, and most meals come with a big hunk of texas toast garlic bread. I like the thinly shaved smoked meats drizzled with their mild sauce, the one that is tangy and a bit thin. In our part of the world, "barbeque" sauce is basically ketchup with a few things added. Always thick, always somewhat sweet. Dh prefers that, but I like the thinner tangier version that tastes less like ketchup and more like what I glean is a "mop sauce". Either way, more food that doesn't bode well for my waistline. Maybe if I eat extra meat and give the garlic bread away, I can call the cole slaw a vegetable and dub the meal "low carb". Think it will work?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


We went to the Green Meadows Petting Farm in Kissimee, Florida today. It was chilly in the shade but nice in the sun, if you are Canadian that is. 68-70 degrees is SUMMER weather to us poor Canadians LOL. Some of the tour guides were so bundled up it looked like they belonged back home. We got to hold chickens and chase ducks, milk a cow named Freckles, and pet some sheep. There was a day old goat that was already trouble. We were asked to leave the littlest ones alone because they were brand new, but go ahead and pet the older goats. And this little guy spent most of his time trying to get us in trouble. He nibbled DD's skirt, and pulled on DH's pant leg. He tried to climb my leg to get the camera bag. The thing was not much bigger than a cat, but he was trouble I tell 'ya! And irresistable, in a way only baby animals can accomplish. We held month old chicks (which looked very much like adult chickens only smaller and were very calm) and month old ducklings (which were large but still yellow and certainly NOT calm. And the smell of duck food has not improved, just in case you were wondering). See, to normal people this would not be fun. Who pays 20 dollars per person to touch a cow and hold a duck? Big whoop. But to us, this was better than Disneyland. We got to touch animals and hold chickens and be nuzzled by milk cows and not a line in sight. DD rode a beautiful pony led by DH, and he was so nervous it was hilarious. He is used to walking next to a roped pony who "knows the drill" and follows the pony in line in front of it, in a big circle. Nope. He led a pony that had SPIRIT. He was told DO NOT LET GO of the harness. Hold the head at arms length or he will try to eat your shirt (which, incidentally, means he will nip you. Don't ask how DH found out LOL). Keep him moving forward. The next person to have that pony learned the importance of this instruction, when the thing decided walking backwards was more fun. We found out why we only get to go in the pig pen when the pigs are tiny, when they tried to eat the shoe off a baby's foot right through the fence. Who knew pigs had so many TEETH. Like little sharks that snort. There was a black one that looked faintly familiar, although I don't know why ;). On the way back we stopped for dinner at Golden Corral. Now, if you have any hankering for southern style food (read a lot of salt and butter), Golden Corral is the way to go. Should we be eating at buffets? Probably not. But it is the best way for me to get my fill of collard greens and macaroni and cheese and corn bread, and that will have to last me until my next trip down here. And I have to say, DH, DD, and I handle ourselves at buffets very well. We don't go hog wild and eat seven plates of food plus dessert. I think I am the only person in the world that actually visits the salad bar at these places. Tonight, DD had a bit of mashed potatoes and gravy and a chicken strip, sauteed mushrooms, a few popcorn shrimp, and an ice cream cone. There might have been two tablespoons of ice cream in there. You should have seen her face, when another child made himself a cone that stood almost a foot tall. "His mother should be here making sure he is behaving with the ice cream" she decided. Hmm. Another T-Shirt? (BEHAVE with the ICE CREAM!).

Monday, January 08, 2007

We love vacation

Well, the sun has been bright and the weather hot. DD has spent about 6 hours each day in the pool. Either DH or I (or both) have been in there with her all that time too. She is having a blast, but we parents may not survive ;). When we are not swimming, we are eating. Between that and the nice weather it is just about perfect. Today it hovered around 70 degrees. And we swam. And it was warm enough to walk back and forth to the pool in swimming gear. I am sure those that live here thought we were crazy. I promised DD that I was going to play with her right now, so I have to go. That bit right there was dictated directly by the little darling herself, so I guess today's entry is SHORT. I'll try to post some pics of our lovely time tomorrow.