Saturday, May 19, 2007

About the comments

For those that wonder....yes I do read the comments LOL. The problem is there is no good way to respond directly to a comment. If I do it right after on the same entry, you may not come back and see it. If it is a current post I do respond right in the comments but for older blog entries I don't know if that is the way to go. But rest assured, I DO read every single comment. So. You know who you are. Dish the rest of that story ROFL!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Frosty the snow woman

We had a frost warning last night. And I'd believe it, when I went to bed I was FREEZING. I went and put on flannel pajamas and socks, and put another blanket on DD. She has so many blankets, it's like the princess and the pea but in reverse LOL. On any given day (even steamy days in the late spring/early summer before we put on the air conditioning) she has a top sheet, fleece blanket, and a comforter. Plus she HAS to wear a nightgown or pajamas with long sleeves. She can't sleep with her arms uncovered. I would swelter and die, I tell you. She must have been warm enough because she didn't get up and wake me, which she would do if she was cold. Ruby spent the night UNDER the blankets, right against my side. Parts of the night I was breathing in pug breath, other parts she was "tail up" and I was breathing in something OTHER than pug breath. Ew. Her new food gives her gas like you would not believe. It even bothers her, which is just so wrong. The worst part is, she looks at me like I did it rofl. Usually at some point in the night Jasmine the older cat creeps up in between DH and I and snuggles with me. Last night when she tried to do that, she plopped herself down right on top of the dog. Ruby was NOT impressed with that at all. She gets so offended when the cat sits on her. If Jasmine wants in my lap and Ruby is already there, she just climbs aboard. Makes Ruby move every single time. She will lie beside me and cast sad glances at the cat, and heave depressed sighs LOL. What a silly thing. Every morning, DD sits in my lap and I brush her hair. And the whole time, Ruby sits on the floor, all droopy and sad, and watches. That is HER lap. When she was younger she would get very jealous and even try to snap at DD or pinch her, but now she doesn't do that. She just sits all slumped and pouts. The minute DD gets up, Ruby is up on my lap in a flash. It's a good opportunity to smooch her, because while she normally objects to it, she is so desperate by this point she puts up with more. She likes DD, but she wants her to sit NEXT to me so she can have this lap to herself. It amazes me how people and animals have a second language, one that most people miss but I can usually read like a book after a while. I can tell how Ruby is feeling by casting a quick glance at her. If she is stock still with one paw up, she is curious but concerned about something. The tighter her tail is curled, the more fun she is having. If her tail is an "ess", look out! She is in a mischievous mood and is looking to get into something or get you good. If she is lying flat with her chin on the floor, she is depressed or dejected about something. Check the cats, one of them might be touching a toy of hers, or maybe somebody took something away from her. If she is lying on her side with her ears flapped open (it looks so funny!), she is dead asleep and you can do anything to her. If her ears are closed she is just snoozing and the minute you move, she has her eye on you. Xena will try to sneak up on me to steal something, but she is so EXTRA sneaky that she actually draws attention to herself LOL. She does this zig zag, cloak and dagger, prairie dog thing as she makes her way across the room, it is hysterical. She is easy to startle as well. One single move and she is off like a blur. Jasmine? The better the mood the noisier she is. In the sense that if we hear "clump! clump! clump!" and she comes down the stairs, it is a social visit and she is feeling friendly. If it is a quick trot, she is annoyed and not looking for attention, but rather to get away from the crazy squirrel cat or complain that her food dish is empty or the litter box needs cleaning. I can tell by their various meows exactly what they are asking for or doing. A trill means an exciting find (usually a pony tail holder or a sock). A trill with chatters means a BUG - something big and wiggly and exciting. A yowl means I am hungry and a "beep" means "Hello, I would like some petting please". When DD starts to get destructive (ripping paper or pulling all her toys into another room, or taking the cushions off the couch, moving the coffee table, etc.) it means she is tired. When she is whiny she is hungry. When she says she is hungry, she is bored. When she is rude, she is upset and doesn't know how to say it and takes it out on us. Almost always a rude episode is followed by tears, and an outpouring of something that happened at school that upset her. When she is happy, she is chirpy and talks or sings constantly. She dances and skips around and cannot sit still. If she sits still and is very quiet, she is sick. DH? DH is harder to read. He constantly taps his fingers and feet (ugh, drummers). If it is fast and rhythmic and you can almost hear a tune in it, he is in a good mood. If it is hard and choppy and seemingly random, he is bored. If it is a single "tap tap tap" he is getting agitated. When the tapping stops, he is mad. He is the cicada of the human world. Being good at reading people is actually part of my anxiety problem. If I sense that the body language does not match the words or actions, it causes me anxiety. And since most people have a hidden agenda or say and do things contrary to what is expected, I spend a lot of time being anxious. MIL's body language is always directly opposite to what she is saying or doing. In other words, she is always lying either with actions or words. DH as well. There are often inconsistencies between what he is expressing non-verbally and the words coming out of his mouth. He SAYS DD and I come first, but by his actions he shows without a doubt that we come maybe tenth, after food and his movies and his work and his personal grooming time. We are working on this. I am not aiming to move DD and I up in the ranking, but rather getting him to tell us the TRUTH about things. I have to go, Cedric is kissing the top of the water and diving quickly. That means he is hungry ;).

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I just may be a nerd

I know it is a big secret, and that you all think I am the coolest of the cool. The slickest of the slick. Too cool for school. But really? Deep down? (Well, not really that deep ROFL) I am the nerdiest of the nerds. The geekiest of the geeks. I still say the word "neat" as in "That is so neat!". I get excited or happy over the dorkiest if things. Last night before going to bed, I stood at my bedroom window and watched in awe as the fattest, rolly-est poliest of skunks poked around. First he was across the street, then he came over and investigated our yard (on the other side of the fence, anyway). I watched until he/she waddled around the front and disappeared from my view. Now, other people may well be horrified at the sight. But me? No. I think it was the cutest thing I have ever seen. I am wondering if maybe it is a female and looks so round because it is about to have a litter. What are baby skunks called, anyway? I have read in our local paper that they are becoming a real problem in the city. Gnawing through garbage cans, digging under things, and so on. This one comes from in between the two houses across the street. One of the houses is vacant and I believe it is living in that back yard, probably in or under the shed. I walks a little funny, we think maybe it has a hurt foot. Although it looks very healthy and as I said, fatter than a little turkey. It might be an old injury. I will keep watch for it for signs that it may be getting ill. If it looks actually hurt I will have it trapped and treated. Such a nerd.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Quick and Dirty

We had a storm blow through yesterday. We had forewarning, but for a few minutes there it was kind of shaky. It was blowing up and over the house, and all I could see was flying debris. Garbage bags, plastic chairs, shingles. I know it was wrong but I was relieved to see the shingles were brown, and not grey, and thus not ours. A few welcome mats even went sailing by. That was some pretty strong wind. Now our patio is covered in crap - mostly leaves but a lot of roof gravel and sticks and things from the trees. Maybe I'll haul out the power washer over the holiday weekened and take care of that. It was over and done with pretty fast, although it did rain again a few times later in the night. But nothing like that first hit. There was one crack of lightning in the evening that almost blinded me, and we felt the thunder right through the cement foundation of the house! For a minute I thought the house had been hit. It even startled Ruby, and she usually doesn't even notice storms, except she tries to sneak back in instead of going pee when the grass is wet. She will go out in the rain if I make her. Once she is on the grass, sometimes it is hard to get her back in. Things must smell different when they are wet. When she does return, we have a towel waiting. Now that there is a fun time - drying a pug off with a towel. For some reason in little pug brains that means CRAZY TIME! It's like trying to dry off a tazmanian devil that snorts. So I guess DH was right about the hanging baskets getting their water. Poor things probably almost drowned. They were thirsty and begging for water. Guess they'll never do that again ;) I am surprised they stayed on their hooks, that wind was very very strong. For all I know they flew around in circles like helicopters though. Or hoola hoops.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We'll all eat the strawberries, and we'll all get a rash

Why is it that I can remember obscure lines from movies I saw as a child, yet my own phone number escapes me? Sad. I was glad to discover a trend, in that strawberries are starting to taste like strawberries again! They are still the same mutant giant, white on the inside, a little too crunchy and presented in a plastic clamshell pack variety, but they actually TASTE strawberry and are sweet. I have started a new experiment. I have decided to bow down to my grazer ways and eat what I FEEL like eating. That is right! I am leaving my diet up to the whims of my own imagination. A little scary at first, I mean after all, isn't that leaving me open to endless meals of fries and gravy and deep fried spring rolls? Lipitor can only do so much. But all in all, I am pleased with myself. It turns out I do like vegetables and am way more comfortable eating more, smaller meals with a large proportion of cooked or raw veggies making up most of the plate. Last night for dinner I had asparagus, mushrooms, and some rice. DD insisted that was NOT a good dinner, but that was what I wanted. And it hit the spot. She had mushroom soup and a tortilla pizza and was thrilled with it. Which in turn was good for me because it took all of three minutes to make. In knitting news, I have finished a sock. It is a beautiful sock, colourful but in a subtle way. I thought it was random but realized from a distance there IS a pattern there. Interesting. And of course, it doesn't fit ROFL. The yarn has a bit of elastic in it and I think I must pull it while I am knitting, making it smaller than I expect. Gauge karma, because we all know I did not swatch. I had used the same pattern for another pair that fit perfect, but it was with different yarn. So now I have to finish the other sock knowing that they won't fit and I will have to give them away. Poop. On the upside, they would make a dandy birthday present for somebody. If I can keep them away from DD long enough that is. I would show you a picture, except for somebody has snitched the memory card from my camera. I know who it was, because I gave it to them and forgot to get it back. I am a yutz. The other day I was at the grocery store and saw the most beautiful sleeve tattoo. The colours were so nice, maybe because they were unexpected. A lot of turquoise and soft blues and pinks. It was on a guy, but did not look out of place at all. I have to admit I am intrigued by the whole tattoo idea. But my indecisiveness and aversion to pain preclude me from ever becoming a human canvas. Now, if they could do a transfer and let me live with it for a year, then knock me out completely to do the work? We might be talking. I doubt that is going to work though. I mean, I might be able to go two days between showers, but that is stretching the limits. How can I keep from washing off a transfer for a year? I can't even remember to water a plant two months in a row. Speaking of, the hanging baskets are already looking decidedly droopy. I reminded DH that he promised to keep them watered. His response? It is supposed to rain today. If he is counting on the weather keeping those things alive, I think a lot of money was wasted. I have said it before, you want to survive in this house? You gotta take care of yourself.

Monday, May 14, 2007

So it was Mother's day.

We survived the week-end, and sometimes, that is about as much as we can hope for LOL. We spent Saturday with MIL because we had plans with my family on Sunday. Which of course left MIL upset because she would be alone on Mother's day. But we went plant shopping and got hanging baskets. She picked out three smaller ones, I chose two BIG ones. With mixed plants. In the hopes that ONE plant might survive the wasteland that is our yard - we know what happens to living things that need care out there. If you can't fend for yourself, stay out of MY yard. Our plan was that we would buy the baskets for MIL as her present, and the two would be for me from DD. Only, she wanted to buy the baskets for me. First she made a big deal that I chose TWO and not one. Then she mentioned over and over that I had to pick the BIGGER more EXPENSIVE baskets. Now, normally this would upset me and I would be all tense and anxious and pick my fingers. But this time? No finger picking this time. I smiled widely and said "Of course I picked two big expensive baskets. I am worth two big expensive baskets". Then I looked over her three little cheap baskets and went "hmmmmm". See, this is the kind of thing she normally does to ME. She didn't like that one little bit, so I told her she took it the wrong way and that she is too sensitive. Boy, she didn't like getting her own medicine back at ALL. Sunday DH and DD made me breakfast in bed. They have been whispering about it for days. DD planned the menu (scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, and toast). Then she shared the tray with me and we ate breakfast together. Afterwards we all got dressed and went - are you ready for this? Grocery shopping. That is right. Even on Mother's day, I cannot escape grocery shopping. Oh, I tried. I wrote a list and tried to convince them to go without me, but to no avail. So I made DH load the car himself and bring them all in himself and put them away himself. I had to get something out of the deal, didn't I? As for MIL, don't think that we escaped unharmed. As always, she invented an emergency to get us at her house, and SURPRISE! Only kidding, nothing is wrong, baked you a pie. Actually she said she baked ME a pie. Yep. Lemon Meringue. It is only a coincidence that I don't eat pie and lemon meringue happens to be her son's favourite kind. But I am just a bitter shrew. I don't care what anybody says. I think it is absolutely wrong that she pretends something is wrong and worries DH so he will rush over there, only to say "SURPRISE!" and laugh. It is not funny. He was scared and worried. The night his father died, he almost did not go because his mother had pulled that trick twice in the two days before. Talk about crying wolf! Not to mention DD was in tears the whole way over thinking something is wrong. We had been almost out the door on our way to a family BBQ for my side when she called. Then afterwards, twice during the event she called DH away. Once when her sink overflowed and again when the dog was "acting funny". Deliver me. The BBQ itself went fine. The food was good, best steaks so far this season - which admittedly just started LOL. Out of five pounds of mushrooms, I brought back five. That's five mushrooms. And about six asparagus spears out of two bunches, which amazed me because we have die hard asparagus fans but they are outnumbered by those that do not like it. We had an asparagus patch growing up, plus we were those whackos you see patrolling the ditches and picking wild asparagus in the country. Which isn't really wild, because it was planted by homesteaders and farmers at some point but are not basically abandoned. Or something LOL. We got home early enough to watch the Survivor finale, and all I have to say about it is "meh". The whole season was "meh". After Jeff Probst himself promised this is the best survivor yet, I kept waiting for the good stuff and was awfully disappointed. Disappointed in the show, disappointed in the game, disappointed in humanity when a certain person "went back on his word". Which he claims he did NOT do because he never meant to hold up his end of the bargain. He didn't change his mind, he never planned on doing it. Doesn't that essentially mean that he STOLE the truck, and bilked Yau out of the rest of his reward experience? He didn't get to visit the school, he didn't get the share the meal or talk to the kids. He stole an entire life experience that can never be gotten back. Changing one's mind when faced with a million dollars is one thing, knowingly taking something without planning on reimbursement is fraud. Having said that, of the three finalists I couldn't care less who got the money. When Yau got voted off, I could have turned the tv off at that point and blissfully went on with my life not knowing who won. I was ambivalent about Earl, and truthfully did not believe Cassandra deserved to win. Choke holds and tripping?!?! I don't know what the speach about the water shoes was about, but I know there has to be a reason others were more hostile to her than Dreamz even after what he did. Because you all know, you NEEDED to know my opinion ;).