Thursday, May 24, 2007


I've been tagged by Poops with a "Seven Random Things About Yourself" meme. This should have been very easy for me, since all of my thoughts are pretty darn random LOLOL. 1. For a person with germ issues, I am a messy housekeeper. There is a difference between DIRT and GERMS. Dirt can be germy and germs can be dirty and while not all dirt is germy all germs are dirty. Did you get that? This explains why I can live with an inch of dust on the piano, but a tiny spot of bird poop on the comforter sparked a linen washing frenzy. Poop, while dirty, is above all, GERMY. Dust is just dirty, for the most part. The first person that mentions that dust is made primarily of mite poop and skin cells has to provide me with a free year of bleach. 2. Ruby and I have a nightly ritual, whereby I will hold her like a baby, kiss her all over her face (which she hates) and use high pitched baby talk to tell her she has a stinky face. “Oh! You stinky! Kiss kiss…pew pew pew stinky face!”. I call her Doodlebug in a sing song voice and make loud smoochy noises. I just can’t help it, when she is tired she is so warm and soft and squishy! And stinky. Then I keep kissing her and call her grumpy, which comes out sounding like “gwappy”. Dh rolls his eyes and acts like I have lost my mind. But secretly I think he wants to do it too LOL. 3. I never dip my cookies in milk. In fact, I rarely eat cookies. But if I do, and they are sandwich cookies, they HAVE to be pulled apart. First you eat the icing. Then you take a bite of cookie and a sip of ice cold milk and chew it all together. That way the cookie doesn’t get soggy, the milk doesn’t get sludgy, and we all know eating the cookie WITH the icing is just wrong. Don’t we? 4. My mind holds onto trivial bits of information (like feeding goldfish peas if they swim upside down) but refuses to retain other important bits of info, like my cell phone number. If I need to give it out, hope my phone is charged so I can check it or else I have no idea what the number is. I have had to use a payphone to call my sister and ask her to check her caller ID from another day and rattle off the number for me. I don’t know which is worse, the fact I can’t remember my own number or the fact that she saves her caller ID for so long because she can’t remember it either. And that she will check it over and over again and never complains. 5. I can, and have, happily had a bowl of cereal for dinner when nobody else was home. And once or twice when they WERE home. 6. I have come to realize that I like almost all colours (depending on the application), but I am very drawn to certain colours of green. And stripes. And while in my teenage years I did my best to avoid pink like the plague, lately those wonderful hot pinks have caught my eye. Black t-shirt with bling and a pink skull and crossbones? This is my milieu and I have been waiting for it my whole life. Who knew my fashion sense would soon be main stream! 7. It was really hard not to make all seven things about food. Or mental illness. Or the pets. I need to get out more. Wait, is that a different random fact? Ah heck. One for free!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The best eggs EVER

Two eggs, scrambled with a bit of sour cream, fresh herbs from the garden, and some good irish cheddar cheese. Heaven! Add some small sliced tomatoes and sourdough toast, and you have yourself a breakfast you can't shake a stick at. Or something. Anyway, it was good LOL. The only thing missing was the cabana boy to make it, serve it, and clean the kitchen afterwards. What can I say...good cabana boys are hard to find. Well, they aren't hard to find, but they keep escaping. *cough* I need a beach vacation. Now, I have to clarify. I don't SWIM in beach water. Either it is ocean water and even if it is crystal clear and blue for miles, there is the threat of being chomped by an ocean critter - OR - it is lake water and murky. How can I swim knowing there fish with big teeth having a grand old time swimming around where I can't see them? And we won't talk about the lake stink that clings when you swim in that water and air dry. Blech. People always say that fresh fish does not smell fishy, but rather has the aroma of the sea. Have you smelled that dreg lately? Does not make a meal more appealing to tell me it smells like the beach. Oog! But what I need, is to lay on a towel in the warm sand under the warm sun, with a nice breeze blowing and the sound of the waves crashing and gulls crying and stuff. Sigh. That would be so nice! One of my favourite things is to walk along a beach looking at shells and things, dipping my toes into the shallow surf to cool off from the hot dry sand. My hair blowing in the breeze, sun kissing my shoulders. Even better if it is sun rise or sun set. Of course, I won't be able to brush my hair without a whole tub of conditioner and the car will never be sand free afterwards. But that is the price to pay for the experience! Not going to happen any time soon, my friends LOL. Have I mentioned that I can add "fish saviour" to my resume? That is right. The other night I found Cedric floating upside down. I panicked, thinking he was dead! But then I noticed his gills and eyes moving. What the heck? He looked a little bloated as well. Then I remembered reading somewhere on the web something about fish swimming upside down and being "fixed" with frozen peas. Who am I to argue with a random memory of a web-page from who knows when? And what could it hurt? So I popped some peas out of their shells and dropped them in. And they promptly sailed past the fish and sank to the bottom. Alrighty then. Let's try that again, but differently. I split the peas but left the shell on so that the skin would trap some air. It worked! They floated! Nowhere near Cedric, however. Then I got a brilliant idea! I used a chopstick to push him down to where the peas are. He happily gobbled a piece or two before floating back to his position, upside down in the corner of the tank near the filter tube. Oh well. I decided to give him his dignity and privacy so he could die in peace. An hour later I checked again, and he was happily swimming around the tank! no longer upside down, no longer languishing in the corner. And all the peas were gone. Was it the peas? Was he just sleeping upside down to try something new? Was he trying to avoid being poked with a chopstick again? We may never know. But as far as I am concerned, I saved that little fish. That is my story, and I am sticking to it! There is no limit to my magnitude! Er....or something. Last night after DD took a bath, she was snuggled on my lap while we watched TV. She was all clean and freshly lotioned and powdered and her hair was still damp. I sniffed her neck deeply and said "You smell like roses". She sniffed me back and said "You smell" ROFLMAO! And I wouldn't doubt it. I spend most of my time with the dog on my lap, on my head, on my feet, at least touching some part of my body. I'll have to have my sister sniff me and tell me if I really do smell like dog. Can you imagine, that I may have been walking around all this time smelling like a dog? Even Ruby doesn't smell like a dog all the time. When she first comes in from outside she smells doggy for a few minutes. But then she goes back to her usual puggy smell, sort of a cross between a wash cloth and fritos. Plain ones, not barbeque. That would be weird. Of course, then I rememberd that I had run out of shampoo and had to use the baby shampoo I usually use on the dog and cats. For the time being, I am going to force myself to believe she said I smelled like the dog because I smelled like baby shampoo. And you just let me think what I want, hear me?!?! In knitting news, I am a little more than half way done the pair of pedicure socks that don't fit me. I am going to call them size medium. I have another ball of the same sock yarn, so I will start with larger needles and try again, hoping to get a pair my size. That would be size gigantic, extra wide, in case you were wondering.