Monday, June 18, 2007

Won't somebody make it for me?

I have had the most intense craving for spaghetti. Well, I guess not MOST intense because I am still too lazy to make it and too cheap to eat it in a restaurant. Dh will force himself to eat it but doesn't really like it, and DD acts like she is being tortured if she finds it on her plate. She will eventually eat it, but frankly, I don't have the energy to go through the screaming fit and fight. Every time the doorbell rings, I get high hopes that it is somebody standing there with a plate of their best spaghetti and meat balls, but so far no go. We had a busy weekend of outdoor activities like bike riding (ENDLESS bike riding) and swimming. I went from wondering if that child will ever ride a two-wheeler, to wishing she would forget how. My rear end hurts from all the riding and my knees have disowned me. Nothing adds to a good night's sleep more than spending the entire day outside doing things. Of course, I feel like I could sleep for a month ;). I gave DH the choice of whatever he wanted for dinner on Father's day. He chose hamburgers LOL. Just plain old home grilled burgers. Nothing fancy, no premade patties with angus beef or funny seasonings. Just my basic burgers. So I obliged. I made 6 burgers and was lucky to get one! I was afraid to put my hands near their mouths in case I got bit. It was an easy dinner, the burgers and a can of baked beans. Not hard to please that day, I tell you. Today DD was thrilled, because she got to ride her bike to school. I bought her a special carrier for her lunch and books, and said we could ride our bikes the rest of the school year if the weather is okay each day and she gets up early enough. So today we rode and she did excellent. I, on the other hand, barely survived. Holy heck, the ride there and back nearly killed me. My mind kept screaming "Why are you doing this? We aren't even AWAKE yet!". What I wouldn't give to be a morning person. This afternoon I will ride back to pick her up. My hind end is already protesting.