Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Meet Sparkle!

Okay. When DD was like four or so, Dh promised her she could get a hamster when she turned 8. Of course he figured that she would forget and that would be that. Not so. She has reminded us about that hamster almost every single day since ROFL. She was supposed to get it as a birthday present but we felt the summer was a better time for hamster-girl bonding time.

Welcome Sparkle.
It is amazing how a $10.00 hamster costs over 100 dollars once you figure in food, bedding, and the best and coolest cage known to hamster kind. No finicky little wheel for this rodent princess. Her cage is blue and red and sparkles (which is why DD chose it LOL). It has a separate apartment and a ferris wheel type running wheel that Sparkle loves to use.

It didn't take her long to haul bedding and food up to the apartment and she runs and plays in the wheel like a trooper. Even better is the fact that she really seems to like DD. She has nipped DH when he tried to pet her, but so far hasn't even tried to nip DD. Sparkle turns this way and that and rolls over to have her tummy rubbed. She also likes to walk around in one of those silly little hamster balls. DD has an absolute giggle fest feeding her pieces of celery heart and carrots. It is amazing how long a piece she can shove in that cheek! Then she crawls up to the apartment and unloads it, comes back down and begs for more.

I know I am a sucker for animals, but this thing is absolutely adorable. Even DH keeps sneaking over to look at her and even SMILING at her. What a softie ;).