Thursday, August 02, 2007

I've got a bad feeling about this

To quote Han Solo. And let's face it, if one has a chance to quote Han Solo, one does it. I have been feeling a bit off for a few days. Nothing major, I thought I was just tired. My side has been a bit sore, but I thought I just pulled something swimming. This morning I woke with a pain in my chest. Worse when I try to take a deep breath, and a little while ago I started with the faintest of wheeze as well. I know what this means. This means I can expect a fever any minute now, and a few weeks of the hell we call pneumonia. Aargh! Why must I get this almost every single frigging year? There is nothing I can take for it. I am allergic to penicillan type drugs and sensitive to a lot of antibiotics. Basically they don't touch the pneumonia and I run to the bathroom so often I am afraid to eat or drink anything - which I am sure does not help. But still, I will make an appointment to go in because there is that nagging part of me that says "What if you have a tumor the size of a softball in there or something?". Besides, I am due for my next set of blood tests and a prescription refill and the pharmacy validates parking. Might as well kill three birds with one validation ;). I haven't started coughing yet but I can already feel the breathlessness starting. I think DH will have to make dinner tonight. Now it is time for me to stop whining and get back to work!