Friday, September 14, 2007

Speed Bump

Sometimes DD uses my computer chair and pulls it over to the other desk. When I need it back I have to really haul it because it doesn't move well on the carpet. She had been playing games, so I needed to move the chair. I gave it a tug and it didn't move, so I pushed harder. It still didn't move. Must be a "bump" in the carpet. With all my might, I give the chair a mighty heave and it practically flies across to my desk. I was just about to sit down when I realized I was in intense pain. I guess the "bump" was my toe. When I hurt my feet I don't feel it right away. It sort of creeps up and is general pain, I have to search around to see where it is coming from. Not this time, I skinned one of my little piggies pretty good. It's bad enough having your foot run over. It's even worse when you do it yourself and have nobody to yell at ;).

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Borderline Normal

Today I had the appointment I thought I had yesterday. The results of my last blood tests were in, and get this. Everything has gone down and is in exceptible ranges. And my blood sugar is "Borderline normal". To some people, "borderline normal" and "borderline high" mean the same thing. I can tell you it is NOT. I never thought I could feel so happy from something as little as being told I was borderline normal. Maybe it's because I have never been close to normal in ANYTHING. When it comes to skills I am either wonderfully gifted at something or I totally suck. There is no middle of the road. When it comes to fashion - well let's just say that I walk to the beat of not only a different drummer, but a whole different darn band. I am either way ahead of the times or way behind them. Never on time, destined to always be either early or late. I live a life of extremes. Borderline normal might be as close as I get. On a side note, I asked the doctor to look inside my ears. They are always sooooo itchy. We are talking shove an ice pick in there itchy here folks. I just brought Ruby in for the same problem, and seeing as she sleeps on my head I was starting to think maybe we had the same ear fungus or something. Hey, stranger things have happened. And stranger things DID happen. I knew something was up when he took a look and said "Something is in there". He said it veerrry calmly but I couldn't see his face so I couldn't judge whether he was really calm or doing the 'keep-the-voice-calm-to-avoid-scaring-the-patient-and-make-her-panic' motions. "I'll be right back". He vanishes out of the room and comes back with TWO students and a gigantic silver syringe type thingy. He lets the two young gentlemen take a look with their own respective scopes. I had to supress a giggle because I was thinking this was the closest I was ever going to get to a threesome in my lifetime, since I would never normally allow two strange men to be so close to me - and here they were with their faces millimeters away peeking into my ears. My innermost thoughts, if you will. Next my ears were flushed with water and the results shown to me. What could possibly have been in both ears and so fascinating to get two students for? Dog hair. I had DOG HAIR in my ears.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Whoops. Hee hee. Go back to bed now.

After getting DD to school this morning, I rushed home to shower because DH and I have appointments this morning. I was shocked and surprised that he was still in bed. He wanted to sleep in today, and I thought that meant not getting up early to get DD off to school but we had to leave in like 15 minutes to make our appointments on time. I rushed him up and shoved him into the shower (okay, we showered together but don't get any ideas. I sort of showered "around" him to save time) then we both hurridly got dressed and were about to walk out of the house hungry and with wet hair when DH stopped and said "What day is it?". Wednesday. Then he started laughing fit to bust and said we didn't have to rush any more. I had no idea what was going on, we were going to be late. Except for our appointments are TOMORROW. Not today. So his only day to sleep in and I woke him up and set him running about the house ROFLMAO! It could be worse. They could have been yesterday, right?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fitness is not without it's perils

In an effort to try and pack three months of promised fitness into the two days left before a doctor's appointment (what? Like you never flossed like your life depended on it the day before a dentist appointment), Ruby and I have been walking with DD to school. Once she has been safely transferred, we continue on for a bit and finish our walk.

This is risky, because when Ruby gets tired and decides she cannot walk any further, she simply flops onto her belly on the ground. No warning, nothing. Then I have to carry her back home. This may sound easy, but believe me it is not. Picture carrying an unwilling cinder block that snorts. Actually the cinder block is easier because there are places to grip. I try tucking her under an arm like a football, but the pressure on her chest makes it hard for her to breathe. She hates being carried and it cripples me for days afterward so we keep our walks short and to cooler days only.

For some reason she has been SOOO excited for these walks, and hasn't gotten tired and refused to go any further. Since I have gotten rid of the extend-a-leash and got just a plain pink one that is fixed length she walks SO much better. She prances right next to me in heel position, doesn't tug at all (in fact she is more apt to trip on the slack). The weather has been nice, no broken glass anywhere or obstacles to make it unpleasant to do. Well, almost none.

Lest you think that these walks have been a cake - well - walk, I have to report that I have had a mishap. A soaker. Not just a soaker, but a mud soaker. And not just a mud soaker, but a mud soaker while wearing crocs. The irony is, not two days ago I had a conversation about nurses not being able to wear crocs any more because they are considered unhygienic (blood and other bodily fluids can drip into the holes etc.). I voiced the opinion that this was silly, and that the idea nurses go around spilling blood or urine on their feet in crocs is no more likely than in white shoes, and leather shoes would hold and hide just as much detritous and can't be washed as easily as crocs. Blah blah blah. The karma gods were clearly listening, and I have learned my lesson.
DH looked at my shoe, tsked and called me a wimp and said it wasn't that bad.

I beg to differ.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Thanks for the book rec

Thank you Parhelia for the book recommendation, but we won't be needing it. It seems our little rock shrimp was not happy in our little tank world and passed from this mortal coil some time in the night. When I went to feed the fish the next morning, it was sitting belly up on the floor of the tank. "It's sleeping" I tried to convince myself (visions of a dead parrot nailed to a perch and english accents cross my mind). Then Cedric swam by for a nibble and quickly relieved the poor thing of one of it's little legs. The shrimp was not sleeping. I considered leaving it in there for Cedric, which was a thought too horrid for DD to consider. And I guess she was right. After all, how does a 25 cent killer goldfish rate a nine-dollar meal? So she fished it out and we gave it a proper burial at sea. We all said our good-byes. It was a touching ceremony. Remind me later that we all need a life, 'kay? DH asked why I didn't just bring it back for a refund, after all they do have a live fish guarantee or some such. But I didn't because I know the truth. That shrimp wasn't sick. We killed it. Either Cedric harrassed him until he couldn't take it any more, the tank was too cold (although it registers in the proper range) or he was so despondant at living with us that he off-ed himself. It doesn't really matter now. Plus the idea of hauling a dead bug back there was a bit much for a morning errand. Rest in peace, dear shrimpie.