Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick or Treat!

We had about 100 kids last night, give or take a few. Tombstones and pumpkins only this year. It was very windy, though I managed to keep all but one pumpkin lit most of the night. We had the scary music on and the smoke machine. It was kind of puny as far as setup goes. But the breeze was actually working for us. Here we were worried our tombstones looked hokey because they were being blown around. Turns out, after it got dark the way they were moving it almost looked like they were automated and were supposed to be moving (like whoever was burried was waking up). We had people ask how we did that - tee hee!
We made treats for DD's classroom. They didn't dress up, but rather had "black and orange" day. We made "spiders" which are basically blobs of halloween smarties mixed with melted chocolate chips spooned into a milk chocolate wafer base (the big thin wafers, not the melting wafer thingies). Then you poke in some licorice for legs, add eyes, and we sprinkled on some black and orange sugar so they are tarantulas LOL. Messy to make, but I think they are kind of cute. The stick is a candy shisk-kabob. Halloween gummies and treats skewered on a stick. After making those I was so sticky I could hardly stand myself. Each child in her class got a stick and a spider in a cellophane bag. I sent a few extras so she could give them to teachers too.

DD was a "Bad Spirit" cheerleader. Think High School Musical gone goth ROFL.
And wouldn't you know it, Ruby wanted to be a cheerleader too! She was so excited, it was impossible to get a good picture of her. I know a lot of people don't believe this, but a lot of pugs don't mind wearing costumes at all. In fact, most seem to like it. It is hats and hoods and things they usually object to. As long as I don't make her wear a hat or something on her paws, Ruby loves to wear dresses. Other than chasing two teenage boys in scream costumes right out of the yard, she was very good all night. When I saw kids coming up I would say "Up up Ruby" and she would come up on the porch and stand next to me while I handed out candy. And she let all the kids pet her. Later in the evening she got cold so sat on my lap while I handed out the candy. It was so funny, when the kids would open their candy bags in front of me waiting for their hand-out, sometimes Ruby would peer inside. As if to say "So, what kind of treats did you bring me?". We only had one child this year refuse to walk up to the porch. And she was afraid of the DOG. I said "but that is not a dog. That is a CHEERLEADER" but she was not fooled.

We had our last trick-or-treaters around 8:30 so we tore down. Just enough time to come inside and warm up, finish off homework and go to bed. Well for DD anyway. I did not wear my hat. It seems in storage it got damaged and the wires broke, and now it is all floppy and looks silly. Oh well. It was good while it lasted. And gives me a good excuse to get a new, better one ;).

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Holy crap it's been a while!

It seems like forever since I have blogged. Pardon that. I am in a period of transition, as they say. As for the halloween costumes? Plans have changed LOL. The original dress we bought DD did not fit after all (it was sewn wrong, like the sleeves were stuck on at the wrong place or something). So we had to look for something else. She chose a "Bad Spirit Girl" - basically a goth cheerleader LOL. It has a black and white skirt and a black shirt with skull and cross bones, striped arm bands, leg covers, and a black pompom that ingeniously fits over her fingers like a ring. Much easier than having to hold a prop. She will wear dark make-up and have "bratz" hair. Think messy pony tails and wisps. The green wig is now just a play wig and the boas are just dress-up material. I wore mine already to a trick-or-treat day at a nursing home and DAMN. Those things are picky and itchy. Why didn't anybody tell me they were picky and itchy? So I guess that answers the question as to why more people don't walk around wearing boas! She won't be dressing up for school. They don't do halloween in schools here any more. Nope. Just "black and orange" day. I won't even get into it here. Since her costume looks just like a regular outfit I have seen in stores (minus the pom poms of course) I would let her wear it without the make-up but she isn't allowed to wear skulls and cross bones either on ANY day. Much stricter dress policy at this new school. That's okay, she has already worn it three times and of course will have it on trick or treating. We'll be lucky if it doesn't fall apart halfway down the block rofl. We are giving out mini chocolate bars, starburst/skittle packets, and of course the ever-present caramels. Halloween isn't halloween without those little Kraft caramels. You know what I miss? Those molasses flavoured kisses. Sometimes they had peanut butter in the middle. I loved those things. They were wrapped in waxed paper printed with halloween characters. DD might get one or two (somebody else around here must be nostalgic as well LOL) but we used to get a LOT of those. And peanuts in the shell, and caramels. Oh, and those little tiny pumpkin gums. If I see eyeball gum I will get those too. I love to give out eyeballs on halloween. We also used to get what I think were called "bb bats" or something like that. They were flat rectangles of taffy on a stick. The strawberry were my absolute favourite, but the chocolate were good too. I am sure there were other flavours as well but those are the ones that stick in my mind. I must be craving sugar! All I can think about lately is candy. Not chocolate, just candy. But I know if I eat any I will get a stomach ache. The universe is trying to trick me again. Many of our decorations fell apart last year. Wolfman's head crumbled (it had been made of plaster and newspaper paper mache with a latex wolf man disguise kit and wig added). Frankensteins foam head finally ripped to the point we can't attach it to the body any more. The witches heads are fine but their hats and clothes are toast and their chicken wire bodies bit the dust. Our coffin made from cardboard disintegrated as well. We still have the tombstones and a few odd pieces. And of course we will be carving pumpkins. 13 to be exact. I might try to do something interesting with the witch heads themselves. We'll see. Ruby is going to be a cheerleader this year. I finked out and bought her costume. It is a little small. It's supposed to be a dress, but it only fits across her back like a jacket. Which is fine, really. You can't really tell by looking at it that there is a problem. Of course, there will be pictures galore! Don't worry about that. Now. Off to do something about a few heads.....