Thursday, November 08, 2007

Of Chihuahuas and Klingons

We have started a new tradition. Now, first let me make it clear. In this house we have so many creatures of habit, that if you do something ONCE, expect that it will have to be done exactly that same way and at that same time for ever and ever amen. I have moved the kleenex box six inches from it's original spot and caused a multi-level melt down. I have replaced the bathmat with the EXACT SAME bathmat (colour and everything, just newer) and sparked one of the biggest arguments DH and I ever had. Any time I do anything different - especially during an established routine - it makes husbands and kids and dogs and cats very nervous. The only one that seems to roll with the punches is Sparkle. This morning she was sleep-eating carrots while sitting on TOP of her igloo. Sparkle is a spontaneous kind of gal. We get along fine, her and I. Anyhow. The other day I suggested to DH that since I am off right now, and since most likely when I find a new job it won't be "work-from-home", that it might be time to think about getting another dog. Ruby will be so lonely, and I think a buddy to snuggle with and take naps with and stuff would be helpful to her. If we get it now I will have time to do the potty training and such necessary with a new puppy. And I happen to know somebody that has a long-haired chihuahua puppy that will be a slightly larger size and needs a good home. DH is adamant that this is a horrible, horrible idea. He does not want to add another being to this house at all. Especially not a "rat dog". During our "conversation" about it, I turned to Ruby and asked "Do you want a chihuahua for christmas?". Now, in pug-speak (which - if you listen carefully - is suspiciously similar to Klingon) apparently "you want a chihuahua for christmas" sounds a lot like "Do you want to come with us?". And Ruby got so excited to go somewhere with us that we had to take her along to drive DD to school. This morning, Ruby was staring at me intently and listening with all her concentration (as other pug owners know, concentrating is hard for a pug as they have about as much attention span as two gnats. Unless it involves a piece of dropped food where they cannot get it. Never retrieve the scrap and toss it in the garbage without making sure the pug knows it is gone. They will scratch and dig and search at that spot for the next three years trying to find that crumb). She wanted to make sure she heard me when I asked her the question again. So I obliged. "Does Ruby want a chihuahua for christmas?" which set her to rooing and snotting and prancing around and herding us towards the door. I of course found this all quite amusing. Dh is not so sure. He also does NOT find it amusing that when Ruby "speaks" to me I speak Klingon back to her. He says she is a piglet and not a Klingon, and I say how does he know that ALL piglets are not Klingons? Sensing this is an argument he cannot win, at least for that moment, he usually shakes his head and removes himself from the room. To anybody that says I amuse easily? My response: 'oH SoH chu' ?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rice, Rice, Baby

Last night's dinner was soooooo good. Lentils, basmati rice, and browned onions. Yum. Comfort food at it's finest. When my dad found out what I was having for dinner he asked "Where is the meat?". And you know, I never even thought about that LOL! I looked down at my plate of lentils and rice, two tbsp or so of cottage cheese, and a few baby pickled beets and laughed. Looked like a balanced dinner to me. DD had cream of mushroom soup and a ham sandwich. She decided to hold off on the mac-and-cheese and hotdogs until tomorrow when she has her Brownie meeting. Good choice. It is so fricken cold out there our furnace cannot keep up. I am wearing thick work socks, and a sweater. The cats snuggle into anything that looks warm, and Ruby has been crowding my feet. She has even been carting her bear everywhere for extra warmth LOL. Frankie is all fluffed up and Sparkle is snoozing in my sweater pocket. And still, I practically had to beat DD with a stick to get her to wear a winter coat, hat, and gloves to school. Now, I know it must have been infuriating for my mother. After all, there were four of us and I only have to deal with one child. But can't DD get it into her head to just WEAR the hat and gloves to make me happy, then take them off at school and shove them into her bag like we did? Sheesh. She has SO much to learn. I am in the mood to bake. Pumpkin bread or pumpkin muffins I think. My brother has requested zucchini bread. I have the zucchini, so I guess I can make that too. I might need to get eggs. What is it about the colder weather that makes me want to bake quick breads? I have been craving chicken and dumplings, boiled dinner (stew made with meat and veggies like carrots and turnip and parnsips and the broth is left thinnish), roasted veggies, you know - harvest food. I also get the strong desire to bundle in a blanket with the animals and sip hot drinks and knit or read. But then again, I always have a strong desire to do that ;). This morning DH went to get a garbage bag and the carton they were in was wet and falling apart. The tank from our hot water tap is FUBAR and leaking. Poop. We can put it off if we have to (I do have a small kettle) but we use that tap several times a day. But right now, is it wise to drop 300.00 on a new one? Not sure about that. DD will be needing new winter boots and possibly a new coat. Christmas is coming. There are other things that need replacing soon. I need to find myself a sugar daddy ROFL. Or win the lottery. Or find a sugar daddy to buy lottery tickets for me. Or something.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Taking the bull by the foot

Poor DD. She has foot problems. She also has a thumb problem. Namely - warts. Plantars type on her feet, regular on her thumb. They were really bothering her so to the doctor's office we went. I got to hold her while she screamed hysterically as she was tortured with a frozen stick. That is one thing I could never have expected about being a parent. Sometimes you have to do things that hurt her for her own good. But it still rips your heart out, let me tell you. And the fact she probably has to go again at LEAST one more time? I might need to sedate her. Sheesh. As this was going on (it was a med student doing the torturing) the doctor took his chance and jabbed me with a flu shot. I don't know if he thought I was going to object or something, but he sure didn't want to give me the chance to run away. He stabbed me and slapped a bandaid on it before I even knew what was happening. So today I have a sore arm and a circle of skin missing where the bandaid ate into me like an acid oozing alien. Tonight I am making myself a simple dish for dinner, but one that I love. It is simply cooked rice mixed with cooked lentils and browned onions but I love that stuff. I precooked the lentils this time in a good and flavourful broth, and I really look forward to the carmelized onions. DD and DH aren't fans of the texture so I tend not to put them in things (or use powder instead) so I really enjoy them when I have them. I also made a batch of hummous, and some cream cheese spread for crackers/pita/breadsticks. Cream cheese, some herbs, garlic and onion, and some yogurt to lighten it up. Whipped until fluffy. I also like it on celery sticks. DD watched all that with interest then declared that I like disgusting food, and voted for macaroni and cheese and hotdogs for herself, please LOL. I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but it is COLD here. Cold and windy, raining, and I think it is even snowing a little. I have thick socks on and a sweater, the heat is one, and I am still cold. I think I will go find a fleece blanket and a snuggle pug and kitty or two and warm up with some hot chocolate and a magazine.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Cleaning day

Ahhhhh. Know what that is? The feeling of waking up without a job. It's the feeling of freedom from knowing that you don't have to WORK today. No deadlines, no paperwork. No emails to answer or send. Just so you know, this feeling is fleeting and generally comes right before the one of searing terror. The 'I don't have a JOB' feeling. Also called paralyzing fear, but we don't need to talk about that until it starts. First things first, house cleaning. Now, I may have worked from home, but that didn't mean I got housework done or was caught up on laundry. Very contrary to that actually. I spent so much time on the computer working, doing research for work, finding code snippets that I might be able to use and so on that I spent most of my time here in this corner of the basement. When I ventured out into the daylight, blinking and flinching at the sun, I am sure people assumed I was some sort of vampire. I suppose, with the knowledge I have of other programmers and home workers, that assessment is not that far from the truth LOL. We live our days in dark corners of the house, huddled in front of a tiny LCD screen, sucking in as much electronic info as we can as quickly as possible. Sounds vampirish to me! My house is cluttered, messy, and dirty at this point. Dust, cat and dog hair, wrappers, discarded bits. Stuff that hasn't been put away or things that just don't have a home. Things we don't use anymore and things we want to start using but haven't. Feathers - not from the canary but rather from the feather boas that seemed like a good idea at the time but are picky and itchy and shed fluffies everytime they are even looked at. This place is a health hazard! But still, I have to be careful not to overdo it. One intense day of cleaning and scrubbing leads to three days on my back unable to move or do anything. This gives dogs, cats, children, and husbands free range of the house. And they quickly undo anything I was able to complete. No, this time I will work slow and steady to win the race. Today I decluttered the living room and cleaned the glass of the screen door. DH actually cleaned the kitchen counter (including doing dishes, loading the dishwasher, and SCRUBBING the countertop. That part alone was almost enough to make me cry tears of joy). He also put away the golf clubs we have been tripping over for four months and moved cases of beer and water out of the kitchen into the basement where they belong. Tonight? Going through the drawers in the bathroom and de-junking because we can hardly close them any more. I never take anything OUT of those drawers, we just keep jamming stuff IN lol. For the last few days, all I have wanted to eat was whole grain toast and raw veggies. Even carrots, which are not my favourite when raw. Soup is okay, but just not in the mood to eat the typical meat and potatoes meal. I go through these phases a few times per year and I have learned over the years to just go with it. If my body wants celery sticks and baby carrots, why not go ahead and give it what it wants? At least it isn't asking for jelly donuts and mochachinos. Just in case you were wondering, eating more raw veggies than you normally do, has a effect of it's own. So if you excuse me, my body is giving me the signal that it needs to 'declutter' again.