Friday, November 30, 2007

It's Karaoke Friday!

DD has been bugging us forever to do karaoke, but DH had it all hooked through his mixing board and amp and it wasn't working for us. So today he unconnected and reconnected everything so that she can use it. She is a bit miffed that he disconnected the PROFESSIONAL mic and plugged in the one that came with the system. He insists that mic is just too expensive to "play around with". After shouting my lungs out for three songs (my swollen, sore, STREP throat) I chased him out the door and made him come back and set up the GOOD microphone. I don't care if he is late for work. DD won't sing if she can't hear herself and I just am in no shape to do the singing for her. For the members of the KT that are part of the card exchange, I just want you to know that this year, my cards are the biggest pains in the butts ever. This is my excuse for not having mailed them yet. I bought card blanks thinking they would look nice and save some time - seeing as I wouldn't have to fold each one in four blah blah blah. Yeah. Well, it seems that even though I made sure they were compatible with the graphics program I used, they aren't exactly user friendly. I had to divide the pages of the card into separate files and print them one side at a time ONE BY ONE. It is taking forever and a day. Did I mention that I have to reset the paper guides EACH AND EVERY time I put in a new card or flip sides? The sheer repetitiveness is making me want to lie on the floor and let the cats eat my eyeballs. Just make sure that you hold onto these buggers for at least a day before using them to light the yule log, 'kay? DD and I were supposed to go visiting tonight but that is a bust. So I think I might set up a craft for us to do later. Once the cards are done, I will print small treat box templates onto card stock. Then we will colour them with christmas themes. Afterwards I will cut out the boxes, number them, put a small treat in each one and pile them. I haven't decided if I will do 25, or the entire month of December with bigger treats for Christmas and New Year's Eve, or maybe just 12 and theme the treats for the 12 days of christmas song. So many decisions. She is home today because it is a P.D. day (professional development) at her school. So far we have done such fun things as shredded old bills, sorted millions of tiny toys and toy parts, cut mats off the cat's butt, and woo-wooed at the hamster. Karaoke Christmas is the highlight of the poor child's day. Then she gets to watch glue dry (the little boxes). Tee hee! DD is singing "Do you see what I see?" right now, and darned if she isn't right on key and doing the best rendition I have heard in a long time. She good a good damn set of pipes from her Dad and a good ear for music notes from me. We just might have the next "Hannah Montanna" on our hands here, folks. I gotta go. I have cards to turn and paper guides to set and boxes to glue.