Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME

I am trapped in the house with the whiniest child on the planet (she is finally feeling better after throwing up all night New Years Eve, spending the next two days in bed, and yesterday bundled up in front of the TV). DH was supposed to be working afternoons. My plan was to spend some time today for MYSELF. Pedicure, book shopping, yarn coveting and touchy-feeliness. Nothing major, in home plenty of time so that DH can leave for work. Then DD and I would go out for dinner with my parents and maybe my sister's family. While DH is home, he announced last night he was not feeling well and has been in bed ever since. So much for going out today. He isn't going to work tonight, but I am pretty sure he will be in bed for the rest of the night anyhow. DD is in such a foul mood and already complaining about eating dinner anywhere other than McDonalds that really, I am no longer desiring doing anything but locking myself in the bathroom, sitting in the closet, and drinking dirty vodka martini's until I pass out. I would invite you all to my closet pity birthday party, but I have a feeling it is gonna get ugly. Dh said he wanted to get me an iPod for christmas but wasn't sure what kind to get, and said for me to choose and he would get it for my birthday. So I chose the cheaper iPod Nano. Then he declared that he didn't have any time to get it for me, and decided that since I am not working we shouldn't "do" birthday presents this year - you know, in the interest of saving money. But he hopes he is well enough to make it to Best Buy Tuesday because the boxed set of "Resident Evil" is coming out (69.00. For movies he has already seen, one of which he already has). Now, my birthday has been coming all year. It is not a surprise. And he has been off work since before Christmas. He has gone out every day to bring his mother shopping, go out with friends, pick things up for himself, look at movies, and more. So he had time for that, and money to boot, and has made PLANS to go get his movies, which he found out yesterday were coming out. YESTERDAY. Hmmm. All year to plan for a birthday, but not enough time nor money. A week's notice? He will find the energy and time to crawl from his deathbed and come up with the cash for movies he has already memorized. So now I have changed my choice. I want the iTouch, and every damn accessory that it fits in, from the leather cover to the sound system with charging dock. I will drag DD with me even if she kicks and screams the whole way, and make her wait until I am done looking at and reading the info on every box I find. And I am going to put it all on his credit card. Happy Birthday to me, indeed.


Anonymous said...

You go, Girl!


hensteeth said...

Happy birthday to you.

(I missed your posts.)

And I'll admit to being on the butt end of horrible birthday behavior too. Sometimes it is all beyond words.

I'm glad you're treating yourself to a fantabulous present to enjoy all year.

And I hope it has turned out to be a better day for you too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Aren't men the pits sometimes?
Amen to "You go, Girl!"
Sorry for the sickness and take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Atta Girl!

Make it a big charge and long wait for DD!

PS: You will LOVE your new iPod!

Lori the anonymous