Monday, January 21, 2008

Quiet from the peanut gallery!

Last night, Ruby and I were deep in our usual routine. Dh and DD were already asleep and I was getting in some quality knitting time in front of the Food Network, while Ruby snored next to me. Like my own personal heating pad, she is. In general she will snore in that stupour until I reach up and turn off the light - which is her signal that it is time for bed. She springs away and bounds up the stairs. I was just wondering if it was time to call it a night, when she sat up stock upright, practically a-quiver, staring intently at my knitting bag on the floor. She jumped down and immediately started scratching and digging at it like there was something underneath it. I was a bit freaked out, I mean if something ran under there and was loud enough to wake Ruby from a dead sleep, then did I even want to know what it was?!?! Her distress and increasing agitation and furious digging piqued my interest past the point of no return. I picked up the knitting bag. And what should be under there? A peanut. Yes, a peanut. I am sure this peanut had escaped from a package of mixed snacks enjoyed by DH and DD the evening before. Now, I ask you this. What did the peanut do to suddenly announce it presence to the dog? Did it call her name? Could it possibly be true that snack foods do in fact call to people and ask to be eaten? I mean, that had to be one noisy peanut! I can call her name six times and touch her feet when she is asleep like that with no response. Or what if right now there are squadrons of UFO's parked right outside our atmosphere filled with peanut-based life forms, and they had beamed one of their spy-nuts into our house to see if the coast was clear. Perhaps Ruby's extra-sensitive pug ears - that hear a leaf rustle a block away which sets off a tirade of barking and chuffing and prancing but seem immune to the calling of her name when she is busy doing something "fun" and you want her to do something "not fun" - perhaps those ears heard the super-sonic vibrations of the peanut spy beaming itself into the house and under a likely hiding spot, the knitting bag. *Break to UFO shaped like a JIFF jar* "Yes captain, we see the perfect hiding spot. A knitting bag. Nobody knits anymore. He should be more than safe there." *End cut to UFO* It could be that Ruby noticed the peanut at the moment it fell from the lap of a snacker, and saw it roll under the knitting bag. Perhaps she spent a good amount of time trying to get it before being distracted. Now, pug owners know that if something is to distract a pug that knows a piece of food is under something, it has to be a darn good distraction. A larger piece of food that is readily easy to get to would suffice. In other words, Pig or Piglet must have dropped something else and she ran to get that. She probably decided to stay put under the TV tray where the chances of receiving more dropped snacky treats were quite high, then forgot about the lone peanut under the knitting bag. Maybe she dreamt about peanuts (or UFO's. Or the one time she tasted peanut butter and knew such heights of euphoria that her eyeballs almost drop out if you even mention the words in her presense). Maybe that dream reminded her about the lost nut, ready for the taking. I really cannot explain it, but all I know is that it really freaked me out, man. So much that I didn't even let her eat it. Who knows where an alien peanut has been? *shudder*

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hensteeth said...

I have a Maltese mix who is a poster girl for OCD. She would have been right there with Ruby going after that peanut. Even if you had found it two hours before and thrown it away already. And she'd believe it was gone only after careful examination of the, uh, alien landing site.

Good doggie Ruby! (Does she find other lost things?)