Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ruby is thrilled. I need my head examined.

Apparently my ability to resist two pairs of begging eyes proves to be completely non-existant. I encounted said eyes while picking up DD from school. I went in to help because they had a special day today and she had a million things to bring home. It was my undoing for sure. It seems DD and one of her classmates hatched a scheme to have a sleepover tonight. They both knew between the parents on both sides I was the easier mark. Why our house? Too many brothers at the other house. No brothers at THIS house. Ruby was thrilled to see a child at the door, and darn near ecstatic to see an overnight bag and pillow. SLEEPOVER! Now, Ruby won't actually sleep with the girls. She won't even really play with them. Nope, she will make occasional forays into the room they are in (which are clearly marked with exclamations and squeals as she licks faces, snots on children, and careens through dollhouses knocking over furniture and stealing tiny shoes). From time to time she will go check on them, then lie in the hallway to listen for a bit. She still tends to stick with me, but you can really tell she is happy to have somebody in the house. Silly little thing! Now, don't get me wrong. The best part of my parents was we were allowed to have friends over whenever we wanted to and often had people sleep over. I am just tweaking that with some supervision and less wolf-like behaviour at the same time ;). And I know my daughter is no angel. But does every child she likes have to turn out to be so much WORK? She has one that touches every single thing, looks in drawers and cabinets, and practically sits in my lap the whole time she is here. Then there is miss accident prone that practically needs wrapping in bubble wrap. I am a nervous wreck until she goes home, and feel it is a good visit if I only went through ONE box of bandaids and two ice packs. Then we have pants-wetter. Apparently she doesn't have this problem ALL the time, just here. I don't know what that means, but she also gets a bloody nose when she comes here and is scared to death of the dog. Another one steals and had to be banned. This one? We call her the gladiator. She has three older brothers. To say she is rough and tumble is an understatement. She body slams, grabs, headlocks, pokes, kicks, and in general harasses DD. But not in a mean way, which is odd to say but strangely true. Remember the Friends episode with Soleil Moon Frye, where she does this punching thing to be funny and it really hurts but she doesn't believe it? Yeah, like that. Dd can usually hold her own, but this kid can be intense. She has only been here for 30 minutes and already I need to lie down. I did something I absolutely hate to do, but I was desparate to get her to stop HITTING and stuff. They are in a Hannah Montanna coma right this minute, but every commercial she wakes up and starts trying to rough house again. I don't know if I can keep her from bruising DD all to hell for another four or so hours! I tried puzzles first, thinking they could both be doing their own puzzle next to each other and play nicely and quietly with no contact. Did you know puzzle pieces can be thrown like ninja stars?

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