Thursday, February 14, 2008

I hate feet

Another visit to the Doctor, another appointment trying to hold down a screaming and crying DD who needs to get her tootsies frozen off. Well, not exactly. She has plantar warts on her feet and they bother her, so we keep having to go back and get them frozen. She WANTS it done. But then she acts like a crazy monkey on speed when we get there. Sigh. I know what the doctor and the assistant think of me, I could see it in their eyes. All I could do was shrug and say "So she is hyperventilating and screaming and stuff. Just do it while I hold her down and get us out of here before every client out in the waiting room decides to take a run for it". I needed a new lab form, and they took my blood pressure after all the drama. And they were amazed it was still nice and low, even after all that. I said "some days I think I am actually dead". Then I did this nervous laugh that made them exchange a look ROFL. I knew it was going to be a trial so I made sure I did all my important things today. I ate a good breakfast (baby spinach leaves scrambled with eggs and cheese and toasted home made bread). Then I took a nap. Then I took a pee break (Ruby too. Only one of us peed outside in the snow. I'll leave it up to your imagination as to which of us it was ;). Then I took another nap. Then I answered the phone and had a tea and read a canning book. Then I did the MOST important thing - I took another nap! Yes, I basically slept all day and it felt WONDERFUL. I am finding it hard to sleep at night because I cannot get comfortable. My legs ache and ache and ache and my hip hurts so much. I toss and turn and fidget. I am much more comfortable a couple of hours at a time on the couch. I might have to try sleeping there at night and see how it goes. I am tired of going through the day looking and feeling like dog doodee. Nice way to spend Valentine's Day. Naps all day then traumatizing the kid in the evening. Fast food for dinner too. Woohoo, the romance is flying!

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