Friday, February 29, 2008

Living in a snow globe

Yes, it is snowing again. I am the last freak left in this city who still thinks snow is pretty. Mind you, I get to sit comfortably in my little snow globe house here and watch it through the glass, which greatly adds to the length of time a person can admire it. If I had to be outside digging out and chipping off the car at dawn I might not be so enamored. Today my throat is scratchy and my hip hurts, so my lofty plans include mostly tea and knitting. Maybe some reading. And perhaps I might summon enough energy for a nap. Ruby is really pushing for the nap. When she went to go outside a minute ago and saw the new snow covering the step, she sighed and looked at the sky like "ENOUGH ALREADY". Tee hee! She doesn't really mind the snow as a rule. Not a fan of cold and windy and when the snow is sticky and gets between toes she can do without it. But when it is fluffy like this she is more apt to run around outside like a nutball than refuse to walk in it. She comes in all covered in snowflakes with that puggy grin, tail so tightly curled you can almost hear it "sproing!". The cats have been extra snuggly lately. This morning I got a chance to laze in bed an extra 20 minutes while DH got DD off to school. And I did so with a cat cuddled on each side and a pug at my feet. Nice and cozy. Of course, I was trying to ignore that I had to pee because I didn't want to get up. But you can only ignore that for so long. Ruby tsked and the cats looked ruffled when I got up and disturbed our little nest. Oh well. It was nice while it lasted. The beaded shawl is coming along. I still haven't lined the turtle and the peace sign bag, much to DD's consternation as she has claimed both. I just haven't been in the mood to drag out the sewing machine, the ironing board, and the iron. Lazy lazy lazy. I so long for a craft room where I can leave things like this set up all the time, and have a big flat table to work on an another surface to block larger items where they won't get in the way. My NEXT house is going to have the kitchen I want, space for my books, AND a good craft area if it kills me. And chickens. I want chickens. Is that so wrong? Next week will be very busy. I have to pick up my prescriptions. I have booked a pedicure (got a gift card for my birthday) and eyebrow waxing. There is a field trip for DD I might be going on if they have room. The Symphony to hear a woodwind exhibit and to the Art Gallery. My kind of field trip! DD is aghast that she will have to listen to "slow" music and that they most likely will not be playing rock music. And certainly not Ozzy, Judas Priest, or anything else that she likes. Where did this child COME from? I mean, I know where she came from. I even know how she got there. But for all intents and purposes she could have sprung directly from DH by budding, and skipped my involvement altogether. Now there is a thought, eh?

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