Friday, February 15, 2008


As Promised. First we have assorted knitterly goodness.

My purse. I love this. I won a skein of Noro from another blogger, and this is what I did with it. I had some silk in a very light pinky purple and that is what I used for the bottom and edgings. I get many compliments on it - when I do manage to leave the house that is ;).

Two swatch purses. They are NOT lined yet and have no straps, but they have been blocked and dried. The Turtle has a basic triangle flap and will have a large button when done. I chose a texture for the back so that it is pretty from both sides. The Peace purse has a plain back, but then I added a heart to the flap. I really like this. I might make more, but I plan on adding loopy fringe to the flap and the bottom. DD wants this one and didn't want any fringe.

No, this is not some odd stingray. This is the bottom point of a beaded shawl. No pattern. And no pre-stringing of beads either (praise the lawd!). I increase one row by adding a yarn over after the first and before the last knit of a row. Beads are added to the stitch right before or after the yarn over. Then knit back. The next row, the increase is made at the mid-point by doing a yarn over, attaching a bead and knitting the middle stitch, then another yarn over and knitting to the end. Knit back. This way you get increases (holes) along the sides and increases (holes) along the middle. It was starting to look plain, so I added some beading to the flat areas as well. It is very organic at the moment and I am not sure where the beads will take me.

Is this a new Hip Hop queen? No, it's my DD modelling the brimmed winter hat I made her, and the fingerless mitts she begged me for. As for the lips? Valentines gift. It's a sucker LOLOL.

This is a shrug I made for myself. Even though I bought more yarn than what the pattern called for, I still ran out. And of course I couldn't find any more in the same colour. So what did I do? Meh. Finished in other colours. No biggie. It is soft and keeps my arms warm when I am on the computer or reading, and that is what it is for.

Some pictures of the animals. Xena is always peeking around something. That is because she is always being sneaky and getting into things. She loves to hide and peek in at people, then run like a mad thing when you catch her at it. She also does odd things like scuttle around things, so sometimes we call her squirrel.

Jasmine is the queen of naps. No, I don't hold the title, believe it or not! She has a way of making sleep look so GOOD. She doesn't just settle in for a nap, she crashes so hard she has to HOLD ON.

This is Ruby checking out my eyes after I had put drops in them. Some people say that pugs don't have a developed sense of smell because of their flattened snout. I say they are spun, because ANYTHING new and Ruby is onto it and sniffing it intently and at close range. I wanted a pic of her on her carpet, but every time I grab the camera she gets up and looks at me. So how about a pic of her tail in the general vincinity of the rug I made her?

And last but not least, let's add some Sparkle to your day. She's a little grumpy here because I opened the lid of her apartment and snapped a picture. Wook at those widdle cwumply eahs!


Anonymous said...

why is your house so much better than mine aunty?

Nevis said...

Hullo! Nice to meet you! Just found your blog. I wish I knew how to knit like that.

hensteeth said...

I love your purse too. In all its stripey goodness.

You sure are a talented lady.